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Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion


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Sep 22, 2011
If it's still the storm proper, even the middle-outer bands, I'd still expect them to cancel the preview. It's a liability issue. Running the event "during a hurricane" opens them up to a slew of issues is someone gets hurt.
Plus it’s just a TM preview anyway. They don’t make near the amount of money on those nights as a regular night and it’ll save people from getting fired!
Sep 28, 2017
terra cruentus
Strange question considering the preview (maybe even opening??) is still up in the air, but has anyone heard about which houses will have the bungee performers? I'm thinking maybe it'll be Monsters, Us, and/or Ghostbusters.


Mar 30, 2019
Orlando, FL
It's been an absolutely wild speculation season and I'm so grateful for these forums for giving us a great place to hang out and have fun while discussing rumors and all sorts of spec. While I stopped posting frequently, I still loved to check in once a week to catch up on the state of affairs.

As a few of you know, I am the lead host on a podcast called Grim Grinning Hosts and we just posted our final HHN 29 pre-event episode. The reason I am sharing this news here is because we were joined by this site's very own Brian, Drew and even Mr. Hatetofly himself, Andy! As a huge fan of these three gentlemen and their work here, it was a true pleasure to have them on and I think you'll enjoy the episode just as much. You can check it out on any podcast platform or at this link.

I'll definitely be back soon with some opening weekend reactions, but until then...see you in the fog.



Aug 17, 2016
So still nothing on the Wednesday, October 16th blackout date? I’m assuming if it was a special up-charge event it would have been announced.
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Feb 2, 2008
So still nothing on the Wednesday, October 16th blackout date? I’m assuming if it was a special up-charge event it would have been announced.
I’m surprised that nothing ever came out about this date. If someone rented it out, then you would think someone would have mentioned it. It’s going to be very crowded that week based on hotel availability and it would be a very odd decision to not have HHN that night unless someone rented the park out.
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