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Heading to FL Aug 31 and Have questions

Discussion in 'Universal Orlando' started by Marni K, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Marni K

    Marni K Newcomer

    Jul 12, 2017
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    Hello all! So excited to be able to ask my "dumb" questions here! My hubby and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary (which was July 5th) with a trip to Orlando once both kids are tucked away in college. We have 4 days at Universal and then 5 at WDW. We are staying at the Royal Pacific while at Universal. We have stayed there once before (4 years ago). I have some questions-

    1) Coffee pots- what type? I want to have enough of MY coffee!! There is never enough decaf in the rooms for my night coffee!

    2) We will not have a car for the Universal portion of the trip (we will rent one at the RP for the disney part of the trip). We want to uber or lyft from the airport to grocery store, then to the hotel. Has anyone done this recently? Especially since the change in policy for ride share. Any tips or help would be greatly useful!

    3) For Volcano Bay- We have heard that renting the two person lounger with the locked box is the way to go. Anyone done this? How much is a locker if we don't go this route? I have read no shoes on the rides (we are from Texas where the ground is HOT at the waterparks and you must wear shoes) do you need to wear shoes around the park because of the ground? Is there a place to store them while on the rides? Towels? Does the hotel have towels for the water park?

    Thank you all in advance!!!
  2. Brian G.

    Brian G. Staff Member Administrator

    Jan 21, 2008
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    Orlando, FL

    1. I believe they have Keurigs now so you should be good there!

    2. Can't answer. Sorry!

    3. My wife and I rented the lounger during her visit. We liked it, but prob wouldn't do it again. It's essentially $60 for a guaranteed seat in the shade with a locker, along with an area waiter for food and drink. A locker itself (at least for a larger one), is $15 so there's always that option if you don't feel the extra $45 is worth it.

    You are correct that no shoes are allowed on the rides, but there are little cubbies by the entrance of each ride that lets you store your sandals/shoes while you ride. They also do have towels you can rent for a slight charge. You can take a towel from the hotel, but just have to make sure you don't lose it.

    Congrats on 25 years!
  3. Journey_On

    Journey_On Rookie

    Feb 25, 2011
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    Just adding a few things:

    I have used Uber and Lyft a few times. I am glad they can pick up at MCO now. Lyft actually has an option to add one additional destination, so that would probably be the easier way to go. I also prefer Lyft because you can tip within the app.

    You are not required to wear shoes around the park. Most people go barefoot. VB has sprinklers that spray the walking paths throughout the park, which helps with the burning feet issue. I believe towels are $4 to rent at VB.

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