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HHN '17 - SAW: The Games of Jigsaw

Chris Galindo

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Feb 22, 2015
I'm excited that the maze appears to go off of the Saw Legacy rather than being a maze about Jigsaw, which was my initial hypothesis. Excited for this one.
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Jun 6, 2016
Maze Location. Would be more excited for it was just based on the New Film or based off Traps that weren't used in the 2009 or 2010 Maze and the new Film but I'm still kinda Excited. At least it's been 7 years since Saw was at the event.


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Jun 28, 2017
so based off the trailer there's traps from saw 1 and jigsaw in the maze, what traps does anyone want to see in the maze?


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Jun 28, 2017
I wanna see Miley Cyrus get her eyes gouged out from 7. That would be a sight to see.
that wasn't miley, but that would be awsome, here are my traps i want to see
saw 2 - Venus fly trap, the hand glass trap
saw 3 - the classroom trap or the return of the rack
saw 4 - mausoleum trap, the hair puller, the spikes, or the iceblock trap
saw 5 - pendelum, collar, 10 pints of blood
saw 7 - the garage trap [ i don't know about this one since the recent death of chester ]

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Deputy Dumb

Aug 4, 2014
Houston, TX
I know what Saw traps I DON'T want to see:
syringe/needle pit
reverse bear trap
furnace/boiler room guy
gun through peephole
frozen naked chick just hanging there

The first time they did Saw, it felt more like a museum exhibit, just walking around and viewing these interesting pieces of torture art as a distraction. The pig men scares were certainly needed. Hopefully, the traps can be more uninviting and make us turn our heads elsewhere from being grossed out.

The lover's triangle trap from Saw 3D would be fun. I mean, even in the movie, people were standing around watching it. Especially if all 3 actors are getting sawed, and blood is splattering everywhere.

Chris Galindo

Veteran Member
Feb 22, 2015
Gonna be honest... pretty scared for this one, which is something I'm excited to say. I don't do well with psychological/ cringe horror, and Saw is full of these moments. If Murdy's hinting that guests'll actually go through some of the traps (per se) I'll be extremely uncomfortable. Never got to experience Saw at HHN, so this should be interesting.


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Jun 28, 2017
since the saw maze is near i made a fake layout of the house, you can post your ideas by reply here,

Facade- jigsaw’s lair

The entrance will be made to look like an abandoned warehouse like setting. If you look through the windows you can see some of the traps you gonna see in the house go off. While you wait in line you can hear the tapes from jigsaw playing around with a famous quote[technically speaking he didn’t kill anyone. He find’s ways for the victims to kill themselves ] you can also hear the classic theme from the movie’s playing.

Scene 1- jigsaw’s lair

You enter into jigsaw’s lair and you can see the traps from the various movies in the room. You can see multiple tv’s in the room. Throughout the house there will be hidden cameras and this is where they will be. Suddenly a tv goes on. It’s billy the puppet aka that creepy puppet thing that are in the tapes. Suddenly it talks. { Hello do you wanna play a game. You don’t know me but i know you. You may be wondering where you are. I tell you where you might be, you might be in the room you will die in. right now you breathing in a deadly nerve agent. You been breathing it since you got here. 4 minutes from now the door to this house will open, too bad you only have 2 minutes. The antidote to the gas is in the exit in this house. If you can make it in there in time then you’re free. But if you don’t then you’re insides will melt from the inside out. Hurry before the gas takes you. Live or die, make your choice. } suddenly a pigman jumps out from a hidden door as you enter into the next room.

Scene 2- the bathroom trap

As you enter into the next room you are immediately hit by a smell of urine and feces. You notice a dead body on the floor with a bullet wound on the head. You also notice a guy there trying to saw off his own foot as you can hear bones crunching and blood gushing. As you are about to exit the next room another guy will come out with a chain on his foot begging for help.

Scene 3 deathmask

As you enter into the next room the room will be extremely dark in this room. The only light is a single lightbulb hanging in the room. You see a few objects in the room. A mirror and a bloody scalpel. Suddenly out of nowhere a guy comes out with a medieval like torture device on him with needles on this mask[only plastic ones] he will cry for help as a timer is heard. Every few seconds the room will become dark and you hear a ding and a loud crunch.

Scene 4- shotgun peephole

As you enter into this room there will be smoke in this room to make it look like poison is flowing in the room. You see a corpse with part of itś head missing and a bullet on the ground. You see a peephole in the wall too. Suddenly the corpse springs back to life making gurgled screams. You back up and the peephole then spurts air and mist to simulate a gunshot in the peephole.

Scene 5- furnace trap

As you enter into this room there will now be orange smoke in this room to represent flames. You see a large furnace with a glass hole in it. You can hear screams for help coming from the furnace. A burnt flesh smell will be pumped in the room. Suddenly a burnt like corpse starts banging on the glass while making muffled cries for help.

scene- 6 needle pit

As you enter into this room you notice a giant hole in the ground{of course there will be a gate that will block it off so dumb people don't jump in} you also notice a girl in the hole of needle as sheś trying to search for a key in the needles{of course there won´t be a key} you also notice her body is covered in needles as she is screaming in pain.

scene 7 - angel trap
you now enter into a dark room, you notice by projection a shadow of a girl getting her insides ripped out, as you exit the room you see the aftermath of the attack, before you exit she comes alive screaming for help,

Scene-8 freezer

As you enter into this room you are immediately submerged in a cold temperature. You see a nude girl hanging in the room{of course the actor will wear a clothing made to look like skin of course} and you see the half of her torso is frozen and half of her fingers are missing from frostbite. She makes screams for help every now and then. As you are about to exit the room a guy will come out having ice on his chin saying WHERE'S THE KEY! as he is panically searching the room.

Scene 9- mausoleum trap

As you enter into the next room you see a torture like device in the middle of the room. You see two people in the room. One will be bald and have his eyes sewn shut. The other one will have hair and will have his mouth sewn shut. Both will have chains on there neck attached to the torture device. The one with his eyes sewn shut will have a hammer and swinging it blindly as he shoutś WHO IS THAT SOMEONE TALK TO ME! The one with his mouth sewn shut will make muffled screaming noises.

Scene 10- knife chair

You enter into the next room and the first thing you see is a guy strapped down to a chair. The bondages on his arms and legs have knifes cutting through the flesh. You see the guy pushing his face through the knives around his face to get out{the knives will actually be covered in blood so when he pushes through his face becomes bloody} the lights in the room will then go out and turn back on and you see that the man has broken through his restraints and he tries to run to help and that help is the guests.

scene 11 - collars
you now enter into a dark hallway, you will see 5 people with chains around there necks, on the right are multiple keys in jars, some of the people will be dummy's while two will be real, there will run up to you and shout [ GET THE KEY ], as you walk past them you notice a headless corpse, the corpse will lunge at you before you leave

Scene 12- ten pints of blood

as you enter into the room strobe lights will be going on and off and on and off. you notice two people in the room putting there hands in a glass device. If you look closely you can see a blade in the glass cutting their hands{let me explain this effect real quick. The blade won't actually be spinning but the strobe lights will make it look like it is. The hand will actually be attached to the blade and all the actor has to do is put there hand into the fake hand} they are screaming in pain as you notice a countdown on the wall going down from a minute to 0 second

Scene 13- steam maze

As you enter into this room you are hit by a hot temperature. There will be mist pumped into the room to represent steam.this room will actually be a maze you have to walk through to find the exit. Throughout the maze a person will pop out with a burnt face screaming for help. Now you at the exit.

scene 14 - carousel
you now enter into another room, you notice behind a fence a carousel with multiple people [ dummys ] on it, multiple sound effects will play of them begging for help, as you are distracted by this a man with multiple cuts on his hand will jump out and scream in pain.

scene 15 - horsepower trap
you now enter into what seems to be a garage, you notice a man in a car screaming in pain[dummy ], you also notice a girl underneath the wheel [ dumny ] you also notice a man with a piece of metal in his mouth [ dummy ] as you are distracted by this the car speeds forward towards you similar to the train scene in american werewolf in london,

scene 16 - random trap for jigsaw
no one saw the movie so i don't know what the traps are so just insert a random one here

Scene 17- game over

You are in the last room, you see the exit. Suddenly you hear over a intercom GAME OVER as the walls in the room start to close in and spike start to appear on the walls. Of course they will stop inches away from your body for safety hazards. You are alive and at the exit.
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Brian G.

Staff member
Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
some rooms in this are more transitions, also this is a DREAM lineup, if you have any suggestions for changes in my house please reply
You gotta pull it back a bit. I know you're excited but...

This isn't "Create-a-Saw" - this thread is dedicated to any news or speculation about the house.
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Jun 28, 2017
You gotta pull it back a bit. I know you're excited but...

This isn't "Create-a-Saw" - this thread is dedicated to any news or speculation about the house.
yeah sorry, this is actually my 2nd anticipated house because of the trap material, and again this is a room lineup for people wondering how the house MAY go


Nov 7, 2016
I'm mainly excited for this because it's in a different location than The Mummy (although I'd admit I'd prob be excited if it were back in it's old stomping grounds, just for nostalgia). But this means we won't get shafted with the same layout with a different scene here and there ala '10. I'm hoping this will have a different feel. The '09/'10 maze is a classic IMO, so it'll be hard to top, and I think a different approach will help.
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