HHN 18: Best Scarezone

Best Scarezone

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Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2009
Ft. Worth, TX
1. American Gothic
2. Asylum in Wonderland
3. Streets of Blood
4. Path of the Wicked
5. The Skoolhouse
6. Fractured Tales


Aug 12, 2009
this is really late but

1. skoolhouse
2. Asylum in wonderland
3. American Gothic
4. Path of the wicked
5. streets of blood
6. fractured tales

The Madman

Jan 17, 2010
Orlando, Florida
Asylum in Wonderland; it took a relatively stale concept (OHEMGEE ALIZE IN WUNDALAND ... BUT CRAZYIER!111111) and made an experience that was very unique for a scarezone. The use of lighting, strong acting and costuming were what brought this zone to the fore. You could tell that the scareactors genuinely had fun with their parts, and I spent more time here than any other scarezone during XVIII. Honorable mention goes to the Skoolhouse, just because it was a sequel to an okay house that blew its predecessor out of the water. From the symphonic Pink Floyd, to the clever cast changes, to the iconic Skoolhouse itself, few scarezones have compared to this one in terms of sheer artistry and design.