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HHN 23: Favorite Scarezone

What was you favorite scarezone this year?

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Veteran Member
Aug 17, 2009
What was your favorite scarezone this year?

What was your initial most anticipated, what was your favorite at the beginning, what is your favorite now, your sleeper hit, etc.



Contributing Member
Jul 20, 2013
Someplace I think
I didn't really get any scares from the zones, but theming wise I thought The Farm was the best, with the walk-through barn and whatnot.


Premium Member
Feb 1, 2008
Central, Fl
All joking aside, I voted for The Resistance, better known as the Chainsaw Drill Team. I got my best scare of the year from them.

Lucky Planet

Veteran Member
Sep 23, 2013
The farm was nice, but The Fall of Atlanta was better. Besides of having the barn that street would feel kind of empty, Like the only good thing about it was the barn.

But in the Fall of Atlanta besides having the tank we had the survivors getting attacked and we had the dead bodies around, the gun shots from the roof. I liked it more.