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HHN 30 Merchandise


Jun 16, 2017
Haines City, FL
New Beetlejuice costume mask to go along with the Chucky, Krampus, AHS, Klowns, Stranger Things, etc masks we've got now.

I'm running out of wall space with all these posters.
Yeah, I figured early on that there'd be a lot more merch than I anticipated and stock doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I'm gonna end up waiting until towards the end to make sure I don't buy more than I really need and my wall doesn't end up filled with posters lol.


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Pedro Navarro

May 10, 2018
1994, 1998 & Best Of House Poster are out including Chances’ poster

The houses featured on the Best Of Poster are:

Jack’s 25 Years Of Monsters and Mayhem
Scary Tales Deadly Ever After
Dead Exposure Patient Zero
Yeti Terror Of The Yukon
Dollhouse Of The Damned
Universal Monsters
Slaughter Sinema
Body Collectors Recollection
HR Bloodengutz Presents HOH