Horror Nights Wish List - Hollywood

Dream untapped IPs: Scream, IT, The Conjuring, Hellraiser, The Ring, The Fog, Suspiria, Pumpkinhead, Tremors, Crypt TV anthology maze, The Hills Have Eyes, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.. The Funhouse, Thir13n Ghosts, Fright Night, Night Of The Demons, They Live, Night Of The Creeps, Phantasm..

Dream originals: Exterminatorz, Toyz, All Hallow's Evil, Hollywood Harry maze, a maze or scarezone based around 1920's prohibition/mafia themes, a Mardi Gras scarezone or maze similar to Mask-A-Raid or Monster Masquerade.. imagine HHN Hollywood's take on Mardi Gras aesthetics?, a fairy tales/nursery rhymes maze similar to HHN Orlando's Scary Tales, Spirits and Demons of the East..

Dream returning/sequel/requel IPs or originals: Titans of Terror requel with a different facade/framing story, Creepshow Volume 2 with more stories from the show as well as the unused Creepshow movie stories, the OG Evil Dead trilogy, a Holidayz sequel, a La Llorona requel or El Cucuy sequel.. The Thing 1982.. Universal Monsters: The Phantom of the Opera.. Tales From The Crypt..
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Jan 12, 2018
Rewatched Aliens last night. I know some people want “Alien” more, but my GOD I would KILL to have ALIENS as a maze. No Predator, just a bunch of marines and xenomorphs. I wanna hear some pulse rifles, smart guns, marines yelling. I wanna see some shooting action, Ripley in the mech-suit battling the Queen, Ripley flaming the eggs, Marines vs Xenomorph shootout, I WANT IT ALL!
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Apr 29, 2020
So far I'd love for Scream, Treehouse of Horror, Bioshock, Twilight Zone and Chucky. Oh, and I think it'd be a great time to bring back The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Back in Business in its original state for one more year.