Ice Breaker (Opening 2020)


Mar 29, 2018
Gonna be a weird coaster from the sounds of it. I'm just glad it's not a clone. Was hoping for something with a little better capacity though.


May 8, 2017
Googling "arctic bird of prey" gave me Gyrfalcon.
Bit of a mouthful, although stranger names have been chosen in the past!

Just a couple of thoughts,

Could this be Abyss? I'm not convinced, personally I would associate Abyss with the deepest & darkest depths of the ocean rather than the Arctic. A lot of people seem to think Abyss will be for San Antonio, we will see. I do hope we see some decent theming on this ride though, you would think they would need to do quite a bit of theme work to make the arctic setting seem reasonable.

Also, with Shamu Stadium set to undergo a major overhaul for 2020 as well, we could potentially see an arctic style makeover to the stadium to create a more consistent area made up of this coaster, Shamu & Wild Arctic.
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