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IMG Worlds of Adventure - Marvel Area

Jan 24, 2015
Well, tried to link the IMG World of Adventure ride and attraction lineup for It's Marvel section.

Spiderman themed Mack Spinner and what sounds like a plusses up Gravatron flat.

Mad Dog

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Jan 30, 2013
Pittsburgh area
Looks kinda lame.
And it's attendance has been dead on arrival. I've seen trip reports where everything was a walk on and people actually had to wait for a ride operator to go and drum up enough people so a ride could operate. Pictures of the park at mid day looked like MK at 5:00 AM in the morning. Hardly a soul to be found.
Jun 10, 2014
was curious to looked up the pricing converted to us dollar and 250 dhs comes out to 67 us dollars while 300 comes out to 81


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Sep 23, 2012
I think most things in Dubai look lame. Ferrari World looks the exact same. They throw money in the hope that it will be a success.
Doesn't intrigue me either.

Funny thing is dubai Is advertising on uk TV touting we've got this, that and the other before claiming to have "the best theme parks in the world". "Yeah right" I shout at the tv whenever it comes on.


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Feb 25, 2014
For me Dubai has always been a interesting beast, for all the money they put into their theme parks...I've been more impressed by the giant buildings housing the parks rather then what's inside them.

Looking at both Ferrari World and IMG, I think most of the budget went into the liscences and main buildings. Since when FW opened, the only noteworthy attraction (in a positive sense) was Formula Rossa. The GT racing coaster is more weird then anything else, and the three darkrides ranged from somewhat passable as a Epcot edutainment ride (Made in Maranello), to the kind of edutainment ride which wouldn't shut up and bore you (Racing Legends) and then there's the V8 logflume which the concept art probably had more time and money spent into it then the whole attraction itself.

As for IMG, well it does look more like a theme park then when FW opened. But from what I hear the main noteworthy attraction is the Hulk 3D dome simulator, which is understandable since that's the first of it's kind. As for the other darkrides, they range from decent to not so good. As for the coasters, they're nice but...all three are stock models that have been built elsewhere. (Compared to FW's coasters which are all custom layouts.)

Now admittedly Ferrari Word has been improving itself. They're doing away with the big Epcot pavilion look and gradually themeing up sections of the park into Italian settings, and putting in legit rides and darkrides. (Flying Aces coaster, replacing the Racing Legends darkride with a much better looking interactive darkride. Replacing the V8 logflume with a Dynamic Attractions VFX coaster which hopefully will be good etc.)

Though with that said, Dubai has been far more successful with their waterparks (Yas Waterworld, Wild Wadi etc.) then theme parks. Next up is Motiongate Dubai opening this December, a IP-heavy park which might be putting a good chunk of change into their attractions. (All but one of their 5 coasters are custom). However that might come at a different cost since a good chunk of the park is outdoors...hope they're open real late.


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Feb 25, 2014
For what it is, it seems that their Avengers dark ride, it's..somewhat diffrent when comparing that to spiderman..
Yeah, it's definitely different. An' while I can appreciate when this kind of darkride doesn't try to copy Spiderman like others, ultimately what matters most is the overall quality of the attraction...and I see a good amount of issues there.

- RV has two vertical beams which obstruct your view. (I think that was to pull off a window look.)
- Everything seemed to come to a compleate standstill in the transition scenes, some seemed to just linger there where you only got audio to listen to. With attractions like this you need a good flow, and transitions like that kill it.
- During certain parts of the ride, it felt like you were just mearly watching the Avengers fight Ultron while nothing was focused/happening on your end. (Compared to Spiderman/Transformers where everything is trying to attack you, keeping you engaged throughout the ride.)
- Unfortunately like with other 4D multimotion darkrides that don't copy Spiderman, the finale doesn't have much of a punch. (So far the only one that does is the Justice League darkride from Six Flags, which shows it's totally possible to have a good finale that's not a simulated high fall.)
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Feb 25, 2014
*Bit of a double post, but here's videos of several other darkrides in the park. Starting with Adventure Time: The Ride of OOO. (A suspended monorail ride)

While Adventure Time is a nice show, this seems to be more the Ride of Static Figures, Limited Motion and a lotta' flats.

Next up is the Amazing Ride of Gumball. (A mixed media interactive darkride)

Oof, I really like the Amazing World of Gumball, and while this ride is a step up from the AT ride, that's not saying much. There's still a lot of static sets and flats. (While I would say this could work with the IP, since Gumball incorperates a ton of mixed media into it's episodes, it still feels lifeless.) Also, personal pet peeve of mine. Trackless darkride...but it takes no advantage of that kind of technology. (Maybe to save on construction costs for not having to build any track, but it doesn't shake the feeling the trackless tech is wasted.) It also doesn't help that Ferrari World recently put in their own mixed media interactive darkride (Benno's Great Race), and it's way better then this.

Finally, we have The Forbidden Territory. (A multi motion jeep darkride)

While this looks to have a bigger budget and scale compared to the other darkrides in the park, I do believe another reviewer summed this up pretty accurately, this is a poor man's Dinosaur. An' they confirmed the jeep doesn't really move around that much, especially in the screen sections.


Unfortunately these videos just solidify a comment I made earlier, it really does feel like the big budgets for these parks mainly go to licenses and the massive buildings instead of the attractions inside them. All the money in the world and you can't make a darkride that can go toe to toe with a Six Flags one which may have cost a lost less to make.
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Jun 9, 2016
has anyone heard anything if Dubai is making their marvel superhero themed park

bob albert

Sep 18, 2015
I just don't know how a region with parks that are counting on tourists while they have a bad reputation for a lot of potential tourists can build enough that encourages people to get over it and visit. I feel like they need a sustained level of investment the likes of which pale in comparison to the initial investments of the whole thing could collapse if the other diversification of the economy doesn't work well enough.