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Inside Universal Radio: Orlando – 23. The One about Epic Universe


Dec 24, 2015
Thanks for doing these!

Love the discussion on Epic Universe, including speculation/rumors and talking about the IPs.

While I agree that Fantastic Beasts 2 was bad, I disagree with reasons why. I think the movie was bad because:
  1. The whole movie made you feel bad, from the very beginning. There were few 'fun' parts, mostly just people feeling like crap. It's fine to have some sad moments / drama (see Avengers), but jeebus, I felt like I needed to cry in a shower after seeing FB2.
  2. The movie did not act like a stand alone movie, at all. Look at the Potter movies, each (aside from Deathly Hallows part 1) has a clear beginning, middle, and end. FB2 didn't.
  3. The overall plot was pointlessly convoluted. It's fine to have a bit of this but, it just went to an extreme in FB2.

Now to the discussion in the podcast... Regarding Grindelwald, he's not fighting Hitler, he's basically showing how both sides are at fault, how all Muggles are just going to cause destruction. Note the vision of the a-bomb shows the devastation the Americans could cause.

Grindelwald is very much analogous to current events. I don't think it's by coincidence this character is who he is and this movie came out in 2018. He's a charismatic leader using a compelling argument to vilify an entire group of people (the Muggles). He's also saying the established authority are corrupt, are liars, and have been allowing their people to be taken advantage of.

This should all sound familiar.

I think it's good that it's compelling... It's realistic. Hitler did the same to convince the Germans to follow his lead. The problem is - the atrocities committed, the lies from this leader, the manipulation of his own people, etc. Hitler didn't say he was going to exterminate an entire group of people (even though that's what he intended), he said he was relocating them.

Same with Grindelwald... Says one thing but didn't explain how he's getting there.

Villains are best when they're convincing. I hate villains who are two dimensional "bad guys" for no good reason... It's boring and bad writing.

That being said, I hope to have some fun rides at Epic Universe. I hope they focus on the two good things about Fantastic Beasts: Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) and Newt's briefcase full of creatures. I think some of the sets and elements from FB2 looked prime for a theme park (MoM Paris looks amazing, and the gypsy fair was really cool). I know whatever happens they'll do an amazing job.
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