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Knott's Berry Farm

Discussion in 'Other California Parks' started by Jon Fu, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. Cheezbat

    Cheezbat Veteran Member

    Jan 18, 2013
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    Orlando Florida
    I’d love to see a new version of Kingdom of the Dinosaurs. More dark rides, the better.
  2. CowMissing

    CowMissing Member

    Aug 30, 2015
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    Universal City, California
    Kingdom of the Dinosaurs - Knotts Berry Farm (1985):

    Knott's Bear-y Tales/Kingdom of the Dinosaurs - "This dark ride first took riders past a fairy-tale like plot set in the Roaring 20's with a Bear Family named, Raz, Boysen, Girlsen, Elder, and Flapper Bear-y on a journey to the fair while being in contact with a pie thief named Crafty Coyote and Other Animals from the Fantasy Scenes. It later was revamped with a dinosaur theme in 1987 (While Bear-y Tales moved to the Peanuts Playhouse after Kingdom of the Dinosaurs opened to be renamed Bear-y Tales Funhouse until 1997) that took riders back in time to the Pre-Historic Times which would be permanently closed on December 23, 2004 due to aging parts and lack of popularity. The ride building suffered vandalism from park employees sometime after closing, with several set pieces and animatronics damaged. Some of the animatronics set pieces and props went on to be reused throughout the park, including the Timber Mountain Log Ride as well as several Halloween Haunt mazes and scare zones. The ride building was finally gutted of all ride equipment (including ride vehicles and track), set pieces, props and animatronics in July 2014 to make way for the new interactive 4-D dark ride Voyage to the Iron Reef, which opened Spring 2015." ~ Wikipedia.org

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