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Knott's Berry Farm

Monty is probably dead from this deal. Also Excelerator. Cost cutting is going to happen. Knotts is in bad shape and operations suck. This just makes it worse.
I would eat every piece of Monty’s track if it meant that SFMM would have good operations

I also think the discourse against Knott’s recently has been pretty wild and not representative of the general public at all. TBH it’s kinda soured me to any discourse only surrounding the park since people talk about it like it’s on fire and yet I almost always have a great experience courtesy of great staff members, constant cosmetic improvements, and, the main one everyone wants to ignore: incredible programming. This summer, the main attraction was ghost town alive and the concert series. Those were executed to great reviews. Yes, accelerator and Monty are down, but while that’s a major bummer, I don’t think it’s the trip or park ruiner people are insinuating and I don’t think it’s being reflected by anyone besides hardcore coaster fans (a minuscule population). They know that it’s a major loss, SO they make up for it in other ways that enhance guest experience
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I still enjoy Knotts, but I no longer go for the coasters. Ghostrider aside, I find there line up pretty mediocre at best, with inconsistent operations at best. Not all Knotts fault as California seems to have a pretty dire pool of employees to drawn from.

But I absolutely adore the park’s atmosphere and food. So I go primarily for that reason now.
Food and entertainment options are really what brings me back. Sucks we’re down a few coasters but there’s still other solid ones to ride. Absolutely enjoying my Prestige Pass, dining plan and drink+ plan. I love not having to worry about meals at the park. For USH or Disney, we’d have to pack a backpack full of sandwiches and snacks.

It was nice to be able to get ICEEs at Soak City. That alone was worth the extra $15 over the regular drink plan.

Every visit to KSF, I’d arrive around 4pm to grab a meal, get the single-use Fast Lane pass (to be used later during KSF) and squeeze in a ride or two. It was also nice to get hot coffee included in the drink+ plan to keep me going until 1am.

I’ve already used the preferred parking lot three times. Looking forward to see what the VIP lounge includes and where it’ll be.

Another thing I appreciate about Knott’s is how easy it is to enter and leave the park. From parking, I can walk through security without having to empty my pockets or have them search my backpack and enter the gates in as little as 5-10 minutes most of the time.

Yes, their ride ops is horrible but there’s so many other little things to do/see if you don’t feel like hitting up a ride.

Looking forward to Merry Farm, it’s food offerings and the ice show!
folks,,, after two years I went on Xcelerator again. I missed this ride.
Awesome! You happen to know if Fast Lane is open? It wasn’t when it reopened.

It’s the last big boy coaster left at Knott’s for my oldest to ride. By the time he built up the courage to ride it, it shut down. Now that it’s open again, he’s chickened out. Haha.
Awesome! You happen to know if Fast Lane is open? It wasn’t when it reopened.
It looked open, but I’m not positive. I was on the second train out, so figure there wouldn’t be much uptake that early.

It’s also only running one train and the second train was nowhere to be found (assume it’s being worked on). So keep that in mind if you’re waiting standby.
knott's doesn't start officially celebrating christmas until Nov. 17, but most of the decorations were up around the park. really impressive how quickly they're turning things around follow scary farm. the depths and mesmer were still very much up and visible, but I'm aware that's not all that unusual.

the newish paint on xcelerator looks great. not a fan of the primer gray on some sections, but that's a relatively minor quibble. as I said yesterday, ride was running great albeit with only one train in operation.

the big Christmas tree is up in Calico and it appeared silver bullet was running two trains. I was only at the park for a couple hours, but it was starting to get quite crowded by the time I left — I assume because of the holiday.

while I'm not big on shows (in general or at knott's), the overall Christmas vibe is done as well here as it is at disneyland (or at least very close).

did I make it out of the park without blowing more money on snoopy merchandise? friends, I did not.
we'll be heading back next week once Christmas is officially being celebrated! looking forward to it.


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Stopped by for a few hours since I was in the area. Fast Lane IS open for Xcelerator.

Also, if you didn’t end up using your single-use Fast Lane pass from the Prestige Pass, don’t throw it away. I banked a handful of them when I intended to use them during KSF but ended up not using them. I know it says valid that day only but associates don’t seem to check the dates on them. Used two of them on a previous visit and it worked. Two of my kids used it today on Jaguar and for some reason, the associate handed it back to them. Haha. So we got reuse it.
With special shows, experiences, and other offerings, there is more than enough at Knott's Merry Farm to fill up your day with holiday cheer.

This allllll looks great.....I just want a Dark ride

I hope they are considering it, I feel like that is the one thing this land is lacking

New coaster looks cute....the swing ride is fine kinda looks generic woods but kids will like it. I hope the train getting more characters/gag's to look at