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Longtime Mobile site issue!

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Jun 16, 2017
Isle Delfino

For a while now I've had an issue where I'll be using the mobile version of the site on my Iphone's Safari app. It usually runs just fine, but on this site specifically it will occasionally completely reload the whole site without warning. No reason why it does it to my knowledge. I usually get sent back up to the top of whatever thread I'm looking at, but way worse and honestly the reason I'm posting this is that it causes whatever post I'm writing to be permanently lost. I've written multiple longform posts on here that have just been swept away to the aether because of this reloading issue.

This has been a thing for a little while now (Probably about a year and a half at least) on my end and I don't know if it's due to any settings I have on my Safari app or something like that, but I just lost another post and I felt like it was time to talk to someone. Might there be any help here?

Also, while we're here, the mobile version of this site drains my phone battery like literally nothing else. About a percentage every minute sometimes. I'll be playing a 25 person Pokemon Go Raid Battle and my phone keeps a charge better than on here haha.

Love the site and hoping there's some kind of viable solution here. Thanks team!
This is interesting. You still having the issue? I use an iPhone SE 2nd Gen and have never had problems on this site. If I had to hazard a guess as someone who loves tech, I’m thinking a setting or a few setting in the Safari browser might be to blame. Have you messed with the settings in your Safari browser?
I want to throw this out there in case anyone finds and needs this thread later, but I haven't had the reloading issue in a very, very long time and I believe the culprits were ads. Since getting IU Premium, I haven't experienced it once.
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