Monday Crowds in June


Jun 22, 2016
Looking at a crowd calendar, it does not recommend the park on every Monday in June. However Universal Studios is recommended. Thoughts? Weird that one park is predicted to be packed while the other is not.

PS I know some of these crowd predicting websites can be full of it. But I thought this was weird.


Veteran Member
Aug 5, 2009
^ It's full of it. If you're going on a Monday in June, expect lines to average 20-45 mins with popular rides exceeding 75 mins during peak hours (IE: Gringotts, Rockit, Minions and Tranny)

Highs in the low 90's, humid morning, high UV, with an almost guaranteed afternoon thunderstorm.

If the crowds end up being lower than that - you're in good shape, but I wouldn't plan a trip to the park expecting anything less that that.