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Nighttime Show and Mardi Gras questions

Oct 28, 2018
Is there still the fireworks / projections show at the lagoon? Folks are going on their own (*gasp!*) in February and I'm trying to help them plan.

Have they release any details on the concerts for Mardi Gras yet?


aka TestTrack321
Staff member
Feb 15, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
There’s a new show, Cinematic Celebration, in USF lagoon. No info on Mardis Gras concerts but I think we’ll hear something next week.

Mad Dog

Premium Member
Jan 30, 2013
Pittsburgh area
The new lagoon show is quite good. Disney night time show quality in my opinion. Get there about 25 to 30 minutes before it starts so you can get a front row standing area on one of the Central Park tiers.