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Picture of the Day - Orlando


Jan 28, 2017
I thought Batuu was an almost desert planet. :lol: and those umbrella aren't very immersive. ....Maybe they should have done the water planet with all those Florida rains.
Though zoom in to that red six sided sign, top right, looks like an umbrella shop sign, where the guy in the photo bought his red six sided umbrella! Disney $$$. Joking of course.
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Feb 12, 2008
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
God, Poseidon's Fury is both beautiful and ugly as sin.
Exhibit A: the awesome effects
Elements. by Shaun Ferguson, on Flickr
Exhibit B: Very obvious control boxes
Poseidon's Rockwork. by Shaun Ferguson, on Flickr

I know it'll never happen but I'd love for them to give it a really good overhaul one of these days and also return to the original storyline/show sequence.

Mad Dog

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Jan 30, 2013
Pittsburgh area
The land looks significantly better in the evening photos. I've been working on the plans for my November Disney phase of my vacation (Unfortunately everything must be pre planned to get maximum FP benefit). At this point in time, unless I see a crowd issue, I've tentatively planned my trips for DHS GESWL for the late afternoons and evenings since the land just looks so much better then.
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