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Scream n’ Stream


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Aug 17, 2009
Orlando, FL
Another drive-thru haunt coming to Central Florida.

Scream n' Stream offers guests the opportunity to drive STRAIGHT INTO the movie screen and enter a 90's slasher-style horror flick. From the company's website:

“The year is 1991. A group of teenagers have broken into an abandoned Drive-In Theater on the edge of town, to goof around and have some fun. Soon, it becomes late and they decide to go home in order to make curfew. Except they discover that their car won't start. The fuel line has been cut. Horrified, the teenagers realize they are not alone. Hours from town on foot with no way to get help, the teenagers are forced to find help. Except someone is out there, lurking in the shadows. Watching them. Waiting for a chance to terrorize its victims.”

A completely unique style of haunt, fans can expect a contactless mix of special effects, live performers, and detailed sets to tell the story. Chris Louis, Scream n' Stream's Production Manager, described the experience as "interactive theater." For audio, cars will be able to tune into a specialized FM station pumping a spooky soundtrack to fit the entire "film." Each scene will have individual speakers to broadcast the specific dialogue or other audio.

For safety reasons, no actors will approach the vehicle and no scares are intended to "startle" the driver (or anyone else in the car). Drivers are expected to maintain a 3mph speed and drive steadily along a marked path. The entire experience is expected to last between 10-15 minutes.

Oh! And there's one more thing! You might just have to choose which path to take, determining the outcome of your "movie" experience!
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Sep 22, 2011
Someone is going to get seriously injured star one of these. Scaring While Driving seems like a bad combo.
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Mar 30, 2015
Yeaaah. I'm interested, but also incredibly skeptical. I keep waiting for more details on how these can possibly work while still being worth it.
Drive to scene. Stop. Scene runs. Drive to next scene. Rinse and repeat. Have you never done a haunted hayride?


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Jun 20, 2009
Ft. Worth, TX
  • PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons, this haunted drive-thru will not be intensely or startling, sudden, or surprising. Performers will not come up to your car or "jump scare" you in the Haunted Drive-Thru.
  • Every passenger must have and wear their own seat belt.
  • Drivers must present a valid driver's license.
  • All drivers will sign a liability waiver before entering this Drive-Thru Haunted House.
  • There is a speed limit inside the Drive-Thru Haunted House of 3MPH.
  • No performers or props will touch or come close to your vehicle at any time. We are not responsible for damage to your vehicle.
  • Drivers who are behaving erratically, failing to follow posted guidelines and limits, or appear to be under the influence will not be permitted into the Scream n' Stream event and a refund will not be provided.