Sony Theme Park China


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May 14, 2014
Seoul, Korea
Chinese reporting this week revealed Sony is in the process of having their own first major level theme park.

Recently, at the Global Investment Promotion Conference and High Quality Development Expert Consultation Meeting held in Wuhan Yangtze River New City, Stilwell International Strategic Consulting Group said that it will introduce international cultural IP into the Yangtze River New City, to including a Sony Theme Park and Sony. VR R&D Education Center, etc.

In fact, just in August this year, Chengdu also reported that it will build the world's first major-level Sony theme park. It can be seen that whether it is Wuhan or Chengdu, Sony’s intention to settle the theme park in the central and western regions has already begun to appear. However, compared to Disney and Universal, the pace of Sony theme parks in China seems to be slower.

Sony likely is getting into the theme park game due to the high amount of Chinese tourism.