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Studio Tour

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“Imagine if universal didn’t make announcements about upcoming things in the parks”

Yep I can, Im there

When ever it opens great. Glad they are using the space for something

Kinda feel bad for those coming the first half of summer if it really is this year, as a local it’s cool because it gives us something very soon frok the looks of it
I mean, if they are just throwing in Some Dino's could open this year but if it's going to have a new AA added that I could being next year.
Woody...cowboys coming back

Love it

Also it coming in waves is cool, gives us something now and then something in the summer to look forward to (if you are coming once for this...I'd wait for summer for all effects and things to be running)
The new Dino’s are cool in the Jurassic area
The sounds are also fun for the cage area

Was lucky and in the last nor so tram Doc Brown was out but the crowd gave him zero energy

Excited to go Monday and get all the pictures at the new photo area
I did the preview tonight... and maybe it's not fully finished, but overall, I was mostly underwhelmed.

The good: the new video clips are all great, and a very welcome update. Even the Jimmy Fallon clips are new, and he doesn't wear out his welcome by trying to be too clever. And I like all the vintage tram clips. The queue also looks great.

But I was under the impression there were going to be more live actors. We only had Doc, and his mic wasn't working very well, so he was really hard to hear (something they can easily iron out over time). But thought there were going to be more, a gun fight at 6 Points? Maybe that'll come later?

Earthquake looked great, but the overall experience is basically identical. I thought the runaway train was coming back as an effect, but it's still just sitting on the collapsing bridge, unmoving. It does blow steam from the smokestack, but I was hoping for the old version of it.

The photo op stop has some great opportunities, but if you're not into photo ops, there's not a lot to do. Area felt a bit crowded, but overall well managed. There were pretty long lines for the photo ops, so I suspect it'll be pretty popular. IMO, getting off the tram and boarding a new one went pretty smoothly, although maybe they could add dots so people can line up properly... but even without them, it wasn't much of a problem.

Our guide (the first one) was enthusiastic, but it was pretty clear she's still getting the script down... delivery was uneven, and had a lot of odd pauses. Again, that can be ironed out over time.

But on the whole, to me, it didn't feel that much different than the usual tour. Given all the hype, I was expecting more. Hopefully I'll see more as it progresses, and things get ironed out.
Also experienced the tour tonight. I loved seeing the history boards in the q. I could stare at those for hours lol. The Dino paddock sound effects were loud and clear and a nice touch. Interesting to see where that goes in the future.

Earthquake is solid as always, and they greatly boosted the audio. The building sounds like it's splitting and twisting, and overall everything is louder and more defined. Loved the wet paint joke. Thumbs up from me.

Doc Brown and the DeLorean need some work. I was in car 4, and almost the entire scene, I couldn't see Doc. He had some fun banter with the tour guide (don't know if this was scripted, but the guide said he wished his theme park attraction would return), and I couldn't really see him, but heard him fine. Maybe they can have Doc start at the back, then move up to the front as the conversation continues?

The photo ops were very popular, and they have ample q space for Kong and Jaws. But the first half with Norman bates and the Hollywood sign is too cramped. Pretty much as soon as you're dropped off you enter the Glamor tram line. Hard to navigate around it. Procedure for boarding the next tram after the photo ops was flawless though, and the trams were running regularly.

The multiple hosts, each fitting for the experience, works well enough, with some light humor thrown in. Only complaint is some are in front of generic white background, which is OK, but would have liked something like Peter Jackson's intro, with the movie poster behind them. The history tidbits in each segment are nice touches.

Overall, I give the overhaul a thumbs up, but there are certainly some improvements they can make. I have many photos, I'll try to post them tomorrow.