The Future of KidZone

May 16, 2018
Nicktoon Blast but it's a high tech motion-base dark ride that mixes physical sets and screens to create an immersive experience.
(In all seriousness, if it ever were to come back, they should change the story, change the villain to Calamitous, and change the ride vehicle to the Hover Car).
Man, I love you (I love all of you), but you're thinking way too much into this.

I was just saying to adapt that little bit of the original ride into a land where you can then have rides based on the different shows.


Mar 22, 2018
I'm still in the camp that they'll use Illumination or DreamWorks here rather than a third party. I do think Nick would be good, as it would be a bit of a nostalgia trip for millennials and up, while still being kid friendly - Universal just has too many of its own IPs that they will probably pick first.

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Jan 30, 2013
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Rugrats and Hey Arnold! merch has officially made their debut at Spongebob Storepants.
I can understand it. The merchandise selection at Sponge Bob has always been very thin. They didn't have enough varied product to adequately fill a store of that size. Adding other Nick merch should solve the empty room look.


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Jan 30, 2013


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Dec 13, 2009
The new head of Nick was the old show runner for All That. He believes based on nostalgia factor/people who grew up in the 90s having kids now that rebooting tons of classic shows while adding new ones is the way to go. Do I think Nickelodeon is coming back to Orlando? Probably not. But I don’t think it’s as impossible as it was a few years back.

With 'All That' and 'Are You Afraid of The Dark,' Nickelodeon Bets Its Future on Its '90-Era Past
Viacom coming to a licensing deal again would be great. Having Nickelodeon in the parks again would be great and a huge callback to the early days of Studios.

Really I only need Spongebob and TMNT, possibly Rugrats which I argue are timeless anyway

But will see, it all depends on if Comcast is aggressive about Comcast owned properties or not.


Dec 2, 2012
Where do the rights for TMNT lie these days?

I think no one remembers they were actually in MGM in the early 90's.


Jul 24, 2018
The possibilities are really endless...I feel they could integrate many of the classic Nick shows into a highly succesful land

With Nick's recent acknowledgment of its nostalgia factor, I'm interested to see what gets revived and rebooted
Just watched the SpongeBob 20 Year Birthday Celebration yesterday... (don't judge lol)

The show is still funny, a Bikini Bottom land would absolutely appeal to adults and kids alike!