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This Just In - Current USH Happenings

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Went Sunday
It was a somewhat rainly day so got on MK in about 20 mins at 8:30 AM.
Walked on Jurassic and Tranformers after 9 AM.

Also in case you didn't know on Rainly day some characters can still come out. Gwen and the Minions meet under the arc across from The School for Girls meet and greet area near Despicable Me and the Simpsons meet over behind the Kwik-E-Mart near where the exteneded Q is for the Simpsons ride

The Tram 60th is every where and I love it. They have posters and banners everywhere on the upper lot for it.
They have a sign in the French area with it being celebrated in French, love it.
The Snack shack across from the old Walking dead maze, was transformed into the same kinda snack place but it is themed after a Glamour Tram now, love it can't believe they did it
The New Tram sign with Jaw, the old mummy cave and so on in front of the attraction is great. I kinda hope they keep it or redo the old sign once this event if over,

Also in case you like things in this but might miss it the second big store on the left of the park as you enter (so they have the one where it starts with nintendo stuff and ends with HP stuff ) the second store has 60th merch and also and next to it is a display case with a bunch of old promo stuff and what not for the Tram its great if you enjoy seeing older theme park history
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Went on the Tram Today

Doc and the Car were in front of the court house
Train was smoking but no sounds
Still no Dino sections
Earthquake was running today but the Truck didn't crash throw the ceiling, all other effects worked

The Tri Wizard show didn't have the actors at the 11 AM show walk out from the back idea why but they made room for the actors in the middle area of the viewing area and waited there until it was there turn to perform

Also the Castle show is tonight before the park closes....only knew because I was scrolling the app
(its also super busy....a 3 day weekend plus a company is hosting an event at the park)
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Saw the Castle show last night, the first show was pretty easy to grab a great spot and the second show only had 1/3 of the area filled

The Park was was because there was just no one knowing it was happening until it did or your like me and check the app

Also on the way to the first show saw a fist fight between two guys, security kept yelling to stop but the guys were hitting one another so seemed like security couldn't/didn't want to grab them and pull them apart just waiting for them to stop and give them a one way ticket to never coming back
Not sure if this is new or not, but the lower lot Panda seems to be down for refurbishment. Also, power up bands are being sold in the vending machines again, and the lockers by FJ look like they're ready to be open anytime... while riding FotH, we saw the computer screens were on.

Someone on facebook said all rides are closed

Looked at the App and all rides have nothing in the wait time area.....wonder whats going on. Power issues?
They added two Cars from the Grinch Movie (on your left as you walk into the photo area)

Nothing else of note really happening at the park, was there Sunday and did not see any thing being set up in the plaza yet for the AP event his week

Also Random note but saw a free music movie concert in a local park. I enjoyed it but so did everyone else, I think this would be a really cool thing during the summer to add to the park either in the Plaza or cut a WW show and have a bigger event at that theater and play some none lyrical songs like How to Train your Dragons theme along with other songs known from movies with lyrics like Happy from Despicable Me

They could also bring Trolls to the Dreamworks theater after dark for Concerts....I dont know just something Universal that is new entertainment (limited time) for the summer and combines entertainment with looking back at Universal long history of great musical scores and songs
Went to the Park Today, The Summer crowds seem to be here at least on the weekend. I've gone most sundays in the last two months and this one felt very busy, Park is also open until 9 PM which is a good sign USH must think a good amount of people are coming

But no Word yet on Death eaters and no castle show from what I can tell from the app,

On Harry Potter, I went to the Customer Service area and a TM informed me that more Lockers are coming to the HP ride and they should be bigger and should be free, putting this as a rumor because I see no construction in the forest like the TM told me but hoping this is real but just throwing it out there if a few weeks or months from now more lockers come.

Also check out the Dreamworks shop there are some T shirts on sale for 10 bucks less then they normally cost and you get your AP discount on top of that, so got the Kung Fu Panda The Empire's Quest T Attraction T shirt for about 17 bucks