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Universal Florida App Tickets

Ronald Reagan

Sep 17, 2019
Thomasville, GA
I have the app installed for Universal parks in Orlando. There are digital copies with QR scan codes for tickets and meal plans I’ve purchased on previous trips. What’s annoying me is this. If I go into my Wallet and view my tickets, I can scroll to the bottom to select a page for user/expired tickets. All that is in there is my HHN ticket and Express Pass. On the previous page, which should be currently valid and unused tickets, my previously used quick service dining passes are there as well as as a one day 2-Park ticket that was used on my last trip. Shouldn’t these be on the used/expired page?

I’m going to be purchasing new quick service dining passes and I feel like I’m going to get confused about which ones are current and which ones are used when trying to use them. Anyone else have any experience with this issue?


Mar 5, 2016
Had the same issue with old tickets disappearing from the 'Used/Expired' section and appearing back in the 'Wallet'. Customer service said it was an issue with the app they are aware of and to just ignore them for now. The old tickets do not work though. I tried :tease: