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Universal Plans for new Worldwide Parks

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May 14, 2014
Seoul, Korea
Universal Studios Europe is dead and per Universal Leadership will NOT happen end of. Universal will be focusing mainly on expanding in the Asian market.

I think that China would be the first logical opportunity. There is additional opportunity in Japan. Right where we are in Osaka, the government has created a man-made island, more than one, but one called Yumeshima. They bid for and got the World's Fair rights for 2025. So they are going to host the World's Fair there. And we are in discussions with them about how we can perhaps support them in that. They also are likely to be one of three cities in Japan that get awarded the rights to do an integrated resort which would include gaming and the most important part is entertainment. We would not participate in any gaming but we could see how that could be something we could participate in. So I think Asia would be the logical place to look for expansion first. It would not be South America. It would not be North America. And highly unlikely any place in Europe.
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Knocks on wood

Been a while since this thread was used. And while I did bring up the Yokohama thread, as it's more of an uncertainty..allow me to..gander, on something.

It's seeming that a mystery studio is in play for operating a park, on a plot of land at Yokohama, Japan. The studio would be a major US studio, and the land would sit at around 242 hectares in total--as the park itself would be situated on former US Military Base land, that has since been reclaimed by Japan. To bring on the subject, it may be..worthwhile in looking into the idea, that Universal may be opting to expand up north of Japan, closer to Tokyo with Yokohama as their next pad.

Now, how can it be so certain? Well..it's easy once things are more put in place--on the main 3. Universal, Disney, and Warner Brothers/Warner Media.

This park would be handled while not in operations, with Sotesu Holdings. Now while that may not be as much of a discussion, it could probably negate the possibility of Disney wanting to expand..because of their ties to Oriental Land Company, otherwise known for most of us, as OLC. It's unlikely they'd expand, especially right now given Disney's financial circumstances, alongside the continuing expansion of Tokyo Disney Resort, thanks in part to projects already underway for that area.

Now then, what about Warner Bros? It'd likely be a similar situation, as Warner Bros. Movie World Abu Dhabi is not operated by them--but is by a third party (the same group responsible for Yas Waterworld and Ferrari World). Not to mention..they are actually kind of working on something already near Tokyo, at a former park, called Toshimaen. That, will be a version of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in the UK, and will be featuring elements from the Wizarding World series.

...So then, let's come back to Universal and Comcast--shall we?

Osaka, is operated by them. Not to mention, Universal has been seemingly wanting to continue growth and expansion to Asian markets. As-well, we could take into account that Universal is seemingly in the possibility of advancing, on expansions with Universal Orlando (Epic Universe) and Universal Hollywood (SNW, and probably the Evolution Plan in some stage).

And in the case of Universal..they may already have something of their own card. Something, they proposed to a location..of Okinawa.

Okinawa, was planned to of been a park that was more original based, and to celebrate the country of Japan, as opposed to being a normal studio park. And who's to say..they may just reuse what they can, while adding perhaps, some additional ideas from other concepts lying about, to make the R&D of a second park in Japan..remarkably easy.

It's a thought to be had. And there is certainly a lot of potential, if Universal is indeed the one in the holding..

For the link proper, I'd highly recommend checking the Variety report from yesterday--as I'll also be bringing Yahoo Japan's piece on the subject.
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