VB trip report 6/5 to 6/6/17

Frank Drackman

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Dec 20, 2012
Just felt like doing a trip report. Something I've never done before. We are a family of three, our daughter is entering middle school and we are older parents I imagine.

UoR tends to be our 'staycation' place. We live 200 miles away, but are FL RES pass holders. This allows us quick getaways for a couple of days here and there.

We do not have any water parks around here, well there is one to the north of me and there was talk of one being built to the south (in Ft. Lauderdale), but I have not kept up with those.

The idea that we could escape to Orlando, visit UoR, and use that for a fun Island escape to an Island of palm trees, bamboo, and water activities was rather appealing to us.

The first day we arrived around 1:30 PM, it was a breeze heading in (I missed the 'V')

We found our Island escape for a couple of days. The Waturi people know what the good live is!

Nice river journeys to help forget it all

Water flowing from many places

Water activities all around


I'm gland to have a new island to explore when I am in Orlando!

Sorry, got a little busy so this post was edited a few days after the original.

I wanted to mention the tapau thing.

As pass holders, we tour differently than most. I know my daughter has a lot more energy than her parents. We happened to have a reserved seat that was right at the entrance to the fearless river. Since we were staying on site, mom and dad could have a drink, I would walk my daughter to a totem to tap her a place in line.

We would then walk back to our chairs and chill, hit the river....our daughter could enjoy the the river while we waited in the chairs...she would get one of us to walk her to the ride when it was her turn...it really made it feel more like hanging at the pool with the occasional water park thrill thrown in.

Some slides were close enough that we could let her go ride and come back to where we were based
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