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  1. WebHead1138

    Your Favorite and Least Favorite USF attraction?

    So I wanted to post a simple and fun topic. I didn't see any previous threads on this. If there is one than forgive me I must of missed it. So anyway what is your favorite and least attraction in the studios? You can also mention attractions that are no longer at the park. Current favorite...
  2. T

    Has Universal Lost Its Way?

    By now, Universal Studios Florida has lost so many of its signature attractions, both original and replacement, and a certain type of attraction is now necessary to be a moneymaker. These days, it seems that they can't do anything without going simulator crazy, in which a vehicle must idle by a...
  3. Freak

    HHN Hollywood Speculation/News - 2015

    Now that 2014 is over, we can now speculate and discuss for next year's event. :P Wishful thinking: -I would say no more Walking Dead, but that's not going to happen. AMC is advertising their season six premiere at LA for 2015. If it does return, PLEASE do not make it the Terror Tram...