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  1. UniversalDude

    Dune at Universal?

    (Keep Spoiler Free Until Further Notice Please) I had a feeling about this when the first few trailers and promo items dropped for Dune but I think the fan and critical reception of this film solidifies it. I think Dune would be a great addition to the IOA line up and I want to know everyone...
  2. J

    Anime at Universal Parks & Resorts

    Back in Spring Break of this year when I was waiting for Poseidon’s Fury to open after a delay, there were 3 people next to me that work for Universal and they were having a conversation stating that Universal may bring anime experiences to either Epic Universe or Universal Studios Florida...
  3. PerceptiveCoot

    Disney’s 2023 Plans?

    Not sure if this would be more appropriate for the Epic Universe section but... Bob Chapek's recent ascension to CEO of the company got me thinking that the company must have something for 2023 to counteract the opening of Epic Universe right? Unless they plan to ride on the coattails of Rat...