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  1. PerceptiveCoot

    Disney’s 2023 Plans?

    Not sure if this would be more appropriate for the Epic Universe section but... Bob Chapek's recent ascension to CEO of the company got me thinking that the company must have something for 2023 to counteract the opening of Epic Universe right? Unless they plan to ride on the coattails of Rat...
  2. Aardvark787

    Volcano Bay Expansion?

    With many people predicting that a 2020 expansion is on the cards for Volcano Bay, what kind of slides do we hope to see? Personally, I think I mat racer slide would be very well suited, one because of the current weight issue with the current mat slides and two because it would add a racing...
  3. Jameson Lutz

    New Entrance To Universal Studios Florida?

    The Original Sign for Universal studios Florida since 1999 can be taken down to make way for a Studio lot building syle Entrance similar to Walt Disney Studios and Parque Warner Bros.