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halloween horror nights

  1. H

    Horror Nights Hollywood, Wrong Tickets

    Hey everyone, Bought Univeral Horror Tickets for Hollywood instead of Orlando by mistake and Attraction Tickets won’t refund or swap them so I have 2 tickets for 1st October at Hollywood going, send me a message if anyone is interested otherwise they will just go to waste . They were £63 each...
  2. DinosaursRoar

    Hazbin Hotel haunted house idea

    I know that Hazbin Hotel isn't so popular right now, but what if there was such haunted house? It would be cool if there was a Hazbin Hotel and/or Helluva Boss haunted house or scarezone in Halloween Horror Nights, based on Vivziepop's Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. This could work for a...
  3. R

    Transportation back to iDrive late at Night after HHN?

    Hello everybody! I am not a newbie to Universal Orlando, but I have never been to HHN and my last visit was 15 years ago. Back in the early 00s I have been using the iDrive Trolley and walked from iDrive down Universal Blvd. to City Walk. This year will be the first time I am going to HHN and...
  4. DinosaursRoar

    Earthquake - Dark Torment?

    A few years ago, I assumed that the Earthquake attraction has not gotten ANY of the overlays whatsoever. That is!... until I found an article on Halloween Horror Nights fandom discussing a ride/haunted maze hybrid attraction called Dark Torment. For any more information, please let me know...
  5. B

    Panel with Hollywood's HHN Creative Director, John Murdy!

    Hey y'all, I'm new to the forums, but felt like joining to share this event that my friend at USC is helping to put on that I think would be really interesting to HHN fans. His organization is hosting a panel with John Murdy that he says will include a Q&A portion at the end, and said they...
  6. CowMissing

    FROM THE VAULT: Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure 2007

    Universal Studios Hollywood SHOW MUSIC Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure Halloween Horror Nights 2007 This is the official finale music and audio disclaimer tracks played inside the Castle Theater (Fear Factor Live! - The Creature from the Black Lagoon: The Musical - Special Effects...
  7. Dr. Strengoit


    Hello all! I've been a stalker of this forum for awhile and finally decided to create an account. I am particularly interested in Halloween Horror Nights at Orlando, FL (this tends to be the forum I stalk). I have a new youtube series about HHN, a passion of mine. This is my first creative...
  8. hhnlover

    HHN 11 - Superstitions

    in 2001 Orlando did a house called superstitions. here there were multiple superstitions like broken mirrors, black cats, and others. but not just that but there was cryptids too like Bigfoot, chupacabra, and UFOs. there's a video for it but it's so dark you can't see anything. does anyone have...
  9. hhnlover

    Remake a Past HHN Maze

    bring back means awil in 25 and remake like ghost town in 26, bring back- the thing assimilation, the old psycho houses, and vampyr from 14 remake - gothic, creatures [with creatures this time ], and remake the original havoc with better sets.
  10. CowMissing

    Halloween Horror Nights X (2000)

    Halloween Horror Nights - “You Don’t Know Jack” - TV Spot (2000): Name: Halloween Horror Nights X Year: 2000 Icon: Jack the Clown Houses: Anxiety in 3-D, Dark Torment, The Fearhouse, Total Chaos, Universal Classic Monster Mania Scare Zones: Apocalypse Island, Clown Attack, The Gauntlet...
  11. CowMissing

    Halloween Horror Nights 16: Sweet 16

    Name: Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16 Year: 2006 Icon: Jack the Clown, The Caretaker, The Director, The Storyteller Houses: Scream House: Resurrection, All Nite Die-In: Take 2, Psychoscareapy: Maximum Madness, Dungeon of Terror: Retold, The People Under the Stairs: Under Construction, Psycho...
  12. CowMissing

    Halloween Horror Nights 12: Islands of Fear

    Name: Halloween Horror Nights 12: Islands of Fear Year: 2002 Icon: The Caretaker Houses: Scream House, Fear Factor, Maximum Carnage, Project Evilution, Scary Tales II Scare Zones: Boo-Ville, Island of Evil Souls, Island Under Siege, JP Extinction, Port of Evil, Treaks and Foons Shows: Bill &...
  13. hhnlover

    The 'House of Horror" Mazes

    back at hhn they had a house in 1995 called universal house of horrors. it was basically a duel run haunted house with two sides. classics and modern, the house was popular enough to have a few sequels. 1995 universal house of horrors 1996 universals new house of horrors. a version that...
  14. hhnlover

    Need Help with House Layouts

    okay so since orlando doesn't allow video cameras unlike hollywood the only source of house description is in the wikia. sadly some pages are unfinished so can someone tell me some room details for these houses 2007 - friday the 13th and texas chainsaw 2008 - reflections of fear [ i know it...
  15. hhnlover

    Remember Queuetext Adventures?

    back in 2009 and 2010 they use to have a text number you can text in the queue. basically there were choose your own adventures for each house. does anyone remember some examples for them
  16. CowMissing

    Halloween Horror Nights 2011

    Scream 4 Your Life STAB 8 - Halloween Horror Nights - Universal Studios Hollywood (2011):
  17. hhnlover

    Smells of HHN Houses

    since i never gone to hhn can anyone tell me the smells they use in there houses
  18. Freak

    HHN Hollywood Speculation/News - 2015

    Now that 2014 is over, we can now speculate and discuss for next year's event. :P Wishful thinking: -I would say no more Walking Dead, but that's not going to happen. AMC is advertising their season six premiere at LA for 2015. If it does return, PLEASE do not make it the Terror Tram...
  19. CowMissing

    HHN - The Asylum Maze (2006)

    The Making of: The Asylum Maze Universal Halloween Horror Nights: INSIDE: The Asylum Maze - Halloween Horror Nights (2006): The Asylum Maze - Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood: