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  1. Jake S

    Hollywood Writers Approve of Strike

    from the New York Times: tl;dr: the unions (WGA west and east) have given union leaders the ability to strike if an agreement can't be reached by the expiration of the current contract (May 1). as has been said in other threads, this is extremely problematic for the entire industry. if you...
  2. Chris

    Front Lot Construction 2020

    Be prepared for heavy demolition and new construction in the Front Lot of Universal Studios beginning in early 2020. At this time, this construction is not expected to be for theme park use, but instead for a modernization of the Studio property. Some areas will be removed near Stage 12...
  3. kimberlyduncan20

    Can I Leave Dobby a Sock @ Universal Studios Hollywood?

    i am taking my son to universal studios Hollywood in a month and am wondering if we should each take a sock where we can leave for Dobby? Is there anywhere where this can be done? Thank you!
  4. CowMissing

    Universal Cinema

    Universal City, California, April 20, 2017 – Ron Meyer, Vice Chairman, NBCUniversal; Academy, Emmy, Golden Globe and BAFTA award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg; Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele (Get Out); Emmy Award-nominated filmmaker Will Packer (Straight Outta Compton); Academy...