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  1. happy bunny rabbit

    Why Do House Locations Get HotYs?

    House locations are a major factor in the success of a house, if the idea works well with the space, it thrives. I want to ask the question, why do some locations get HotY more than others? Let's look at the use of space, lighting available, facades, and other contributing factors. I've created...
  2. CowMissing

    Halloween Horror Nights 12: Islands of Fear

    Name: Halloween Horror Nights 12: Islands of Fear Year: 2002 Icon: The Caretaker Houses: Scream House, Fear Factor, Maximum Carnage, Project Evilution, Scary Tales II Scare Zones: Boo-Ville, Island of Evil Souls, Island Under Siege, JP Extinction, Port of Evil, Treaks and Foons Shows: Bill &...