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  1. CowMissing

    Vintage Television Commercials

    Disney's Aladdin A Musical Spectacular at Disneyland Resort Television Commercial Disneyland Park Summer Goofy TV Commercial (2004) Disneyland Park - Rock This Dog Television Commercial (2004) Disneyland Resort Snow Globe TV Commercial The Main Street Electrical Parade “Vault” -...
  2. CowMissing

    Vintage USJ Commercials

    Universal Studios Japan Promotional - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (2013): The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter - Universal Studios Japan - TV Commercial (2014): Universal Studios Japan - Vintage Commercial:
  3. CowMissing

    UO Featured in Television Programs

    Behind The Scenes - 'The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man' - Ultimate Special Effects: Behind the scenes look at The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man featuring attraction concept, planning, testing, as well as video from the ride. Spoken in the video: Mark Woodbury - Senior Vice President...