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  1. Magic-Man

    Universal making Five Nights at Freddy's AAA game

    From a new update on Scott Cawthon's Upcoming Projects page on Steam: "AAA Game: (0%) A deal has been signed with Universal to create a AAA multiplayer game. They've had a few setbacks getting started, but hopefully they will get it worked out soon. There were some really cool ideas for it...
  2. Magic-Man

    Borderlands 3

    The third (fourth? fifth?) installment of the hit franchise has been announced, and that reveal was........ I can't even cringe anymore. The whole reveal show was a misfire in all directions. The game looks great though. Discuss.
  3. Magic-Man

    Console Gaming (General)

    Feel free to discuss the next generation of console gaming here. This includes the rumors relating to the Xbox Scarlet/Two, PlayStation 5, updates to the Nintendo Switch, and any games that may be on those consoles. However, please keep any discussion about Nintendo Switch games in its...