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  1. Z

    Men In Black Leaderboard & Tips

    Hey guys just went on Men In Black this weekend and pulled a whopping 483,650 with the red button and just was thinking it would be cool to have a place to post our top scores and share secrets we have figured out from all the times we have been on it. I noticed a few things on my last ride one...
  2. Universal-Johnny

    E.T. Adventure General Discussion

    E.T. Adventure seems like the next ride to be replaced at Universal Orlando. It's been operating since 1990 and breaks down every time I visit the park. However, I hope it doesn't anytime soon. E.T. is, and always will be a classic. Its duplicate over in Hollywood and Japan have already been...
  3. T

    Happy hour at Universal Orlando?

    Hi everyone, Years ago Universal Studios Orlando had happy hours at the bars in the park. Do they still exist? Our group enjoyed stopping for a beverage in between rides. Thanks in advance!
  4. M

    Greetings from someone going solo

    Hello! I'm a longtime Orlando fan heading there for my first solo trip in January. I will be meeting friends at Disney (haven't been in 18 years, which is CRAZY) but then will be doing a few days at Universal on my own. I just joined the forum and wanted to say hi. And if anyone has any tips...
  5. D

    Express Pass Necessary in November?

    Hi everyone, My family is going to make its first visit to Universal Orlando for 2 days in the week of Nov. 7-12. We booked it to try to avoid busier times, but does anyone have any advice about whether we will still need Express Passes at this time? We are staying at Cabana Bay, so we will...
  6. Jameson Lutz

    Disney Quest-style arcade to Universal?

    The Arcade can include games and attractions based on movie characters with new technology,The New arcade can be in Citywalk,The Arcade can include VR games.
  7. T

    Has Universal Lost Its Way?

    By now, Universal Studios Florida has lost so many of its signature attractions, both original and replacement, and a certain type of attraction is now necessary to be a moneymaker. These days, it seems that they can't do anything without going simulator crazy, in which a vehicle must idle by a...
  8. CowMissing

    UO Featured in Television Programs

    Behind The Scenes - 'The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man' - Ultimate Special Effects: Behind the scenes look at The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man featuring attraction concept, planning, testing, as well as video from the ride. Spoken in the video: Mark Woodbury - Senior Vice President...