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1 1/2 day plan suggestions


Nov 11, 2014

Our family will be visiting Universal on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  We are prepared for large crowds!

We will be arriving on Tuesday around noon, and we plan to stay until closing.   On Wednesday, we can be there before opening if needed, and again, we plan to stay until closing.  Wednesday will be my son's 12th birthday.

My youngest is 10, and my oldest is 15.  In looking at the rides/attractions, I don't see anything other than the animal show that I think we will probably pass on.

What would be the best way to tackle the park getting there so late on Tuesday and having a full day on a very crowded Wednesday?  I have touring plans for Disney, and we had one for Universal Orlando, but I can't seem to find one for Universal Hollywood.

Thanks in advance!


Jul 16, 2013
Death Star
My personal strategy would be...

1. Studio Tour

2. Transformers

3. Mummy

4. Jurassic Park

5. Despicable Me

6. The Simpsons

7. Lunch (Citywalk or Pink's)

9. Shrek

10. Special Effects Stage

11. Animal Actors (if you have time)

12. Waterworld (save the best for last)

Minor attractions to do if you have time...

The NBC-Universal Experience

Silly Swirly

The Blues Brothers

Character Meet and Greets

Street Shows


Aug 30, 2013

Despicable Me

Silly Swirly

Studio Tour


Jurassic Park


Shows in any order

Jon Fu

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
Staff member
Jul 26, 2010
I would probably catch a few shows on Tuesday night if you can (Universal's Animal Actors, Special Effects Stage and WaterWorld). With those attractions out of the way, I would proceed to Despicable Me first (the park's newest ride), followed by the Lower Lot. From there, the Studio Tour would be a good choice alongside the rest of the park.

So just to recap:


Focus on shows (WaterWorld, Special Effects Stage and Universal's Animal Actors)


Despicable Me, the Lower Lot (Transformers, Mummy and Jurassic Park), Studio Tour, Simpsons, Super Silly Fun Land and Shrek 4D.

Good luck!
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Nov 11, 2014
Thank you all for the suggestions.  :)  I feel better having a plan in mind; it would drive me crazy just showing up and wandering around aimlessly!  Thanks for the recommendation about the birthday button.  I was at Universal Florida years ago on my birthday, and it never occurred to me to ask about a button.  He'll love it!!
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Kaley Cyrino

Inside Universal Managing Editor
Nov 5, 2014
San Diego, CA
I agree with Jon! Especially if you get there at opening on Wednesday, I would hit Despicable Me first. The lines can get long, but I walk on when I get there early in the day. I wouldn't worry about running out of time, especially if you are going for two days! Make sure you look at the show schedules and plan your days around those. Jon is right, you should try to catch those Tuesday evening, if you can. That way you can focus on rides and shops for Wednesday. Happy birthday to your son!


Mar 16, 2013
I would take in account if you or your family is prone to motion sickness. Because I don't want to risk it I always go into the Lower Lot first, to get the intense rides before lunch. I have never gotten sick but I don't want to tempt God by going with a full stomach into The Mummy... But my plan would be 

1. Despicable Me (it's the newest ride and gets long lines. Do this one early)

2. Simpsons (that is if you are a Simpsons' fan. This ride always has a 35 min wait. If you wait until later in the day those lines get longer. If you are not, this ride is meh.)

3. Transformers (This is the second most popular ride. Hitting it early is the best option)

4. The Revenge of the Mummy 

5. Jurassic Park The Ride (I love The Mummy and JP so either one. Plus early in the morning you might be able to ride them multiple times)

6. I usually go for lunch at this time

7. Studio Tour (later in the day might get you long lines but that serves the double purpose of having a mellow ride and having time to digest your meal)

8. Waterworld (a must see... don't miss it)

9. Special Effects Stage 

10. Animal Actors (only if you like animals)

11. Shrek (one of the worst "attractions". If you miss it due to lack of time, you won't miss anything)

Then you have time to go on again to rides you liked...