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2013 Tram Toy Collectible


Jun 7, 2013
Santa Barbara, CA
Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to post a brief review of the new 2013 Tram Toy Collectible that USH started selling recently.

While I was not able to mail order thsi product from the theme park, the Universal Studios Store at CityWalk did sell and ship one to me.  They cost $14.95 plus $1.35 CA state tax, and charged $5.00 FEDEX ground shipping to Santa Barbara, CA 93110 from Universal City, for a total of $21.30.

First, let me say that I love having this toy, as it is unique in theme parks to have any realistic replica of ride or attraction vehicles.  It looks good on my shelf from a distance.  USH has never produced a miniature tram before, though I would always ask Guest Relations, when onsite, for a die-cast metal GlamorTram or SuperTram.

The packaging is not great quality, and while there is an image of the latest Tram, looks pretty generic, including the USH logo.  At least it says Hollywood, though the product is branded for Orlando, as part of USF Theme Park merchandise.  The cardboard, tape and twist ties all crumbled apart when opening the toy.  The back is nothing special either, adn the bottom is just black.

The toy itself is pretty poorly painted, with paint overlapping molded structures, missing in some areas, and heavier spray marks in others.  The Universal Studios name is also a bit blurry and offset.  Too bad they could not have made this and open air vehicle, or at least metal.  The front has so cute molded details; windshield wipers, floodlights, and logo outline, but again is just not very well done.  The back is pretty plain as well.  The bottom is kind of neat as well, with black molded plastic showing the chassis and exhaust tubes which are so prominent on all modern gas-powered trams.  I do like the wheels, with nice treads and

I've included a link to my photo library on FLICKR so you can see the packaging and details.


And, a real tram for reference:


Anyway, even though they are not great quality, please do get one so Universal will make more products like this, and hopefully improve their quality.  It's backwards logic, I agree, but it is a treasure nonetheless.

See you IN the movies,



Jun 7, 2013
Santa Barbara, CA
Thanks for the review. I wanna get it only because it's unique but I agree it's kinda poorly made. I wish it was open air. And hell, I wish they'd make a full tram set!
Thanks Allen, I totally agree with everything you said.  Really, I am surprised it turned out this poorly, considering toys at my local 99-cent only store are nicer.  For 15 bucks, this should be the quality of the Welly BTTF DeLoreans for sale.  I remain optimistic.  Thanks.

Jon Fu

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
Staff member
Jul 26, 2010
Appreciate the review, Geren.

I'm surprised they were willing to ship it to you, but kudos to them for taking the extra effort. The tram itself is nothing special, and the fact that they would also sell the same Orlando is a bit perplexing. It's a neat toy, but the quality is a bit shoddy for the price.

Then again, at least they're selling something related to the Studio Tour. If you're looking for a higher quality product that resembles the tram, I encourage you to look for some pins. They're currently selling Super Tram pins and there's a few Glamor Tram pins also floating around.
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