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Advise needed for first time visit


Apr 19, 2015

Im going with my sister to So Cal for a long weekend. The dates are May1 - May 5. If all goes according to plan, we should be arriving on LA at about 3 pm friday and need to be back at the airpot at 8 pm tuesday.

Its gonna be her first time in California. The to do list is: Disneyland, USH, Walk of fame, Hollywood sign, Beverly Hills and maybe Medieval Times and California Science Center.

I bought tickets online for two days park to park at Disneyland resort before the price increase. Havent bought tickets for USH and not sure if we should buy normal ticket or front of line would be necessary. We are willing to use single rider if it reduces the wait time for more than half an hour. I read in this forum that Disneyland is very crowded on sundays. Maybe we should go to USH on sunday and leave monday and some other day for Disneyland?

Thanks in advance


Apr 15, 2015

I'm going to try and help you out here, but I'm not nearly the expert everyone else here is so if I'm wrong hopefully someone will correct me. I'm currently doing Universal on a Sunday and Disneyland on a Monday. I was told it was best this was since Disneyland can get very packed due to the locals not working. If you choose to do Universal on Sunday just try and change Disneyland to Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Those days DL does NOT have Extra Magic Hours in the morning (DCA does) and you will be on equal footing with all other guests. Visit DCA on a Saturday, Tuesday or Thursday. Those days DCA does NOT have Extra Magic Hours in the morning (DL does) and you will be on equal footing with all other guests.

As for the front of the line pass. What I have gathered is that its very rarely needed especially if you get there at park opening. However, the good thing about it is that you can get it while you are there, so you can gauge the park before buying it. However, if its just you and your sister I would think if you get there at park opening you should be fine. 
As an LA native, I'll tell you that there's legit nothing to see in Beverly Hills. For Hollywood, stay between Hollywood/Highland and Hollywood/Vine. Everything past that is hookers and sex shops. Definitely do Disney on Monday/Tuesday, universal on Sunday.

Jon Fu

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Jul 26, 2010
You can probably finish the Hollywood Walk of Fame in under an hour...if not less. It's pretty underwhelming for tourists in my opinion.

As for Universal on a Sunday, that'd probably work if you're willing to get to the park at opening. Once you knock the major attractions off the list, you're free to stroll around the park as the crowds start to fill in.

If you want to save on your commute, the Metro is also a nice way to connect Universal with Hollywood and possibly also the Science Center together.


Oct 28, 2014
If your going to do California Science center, I would suggest pairing it with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Agreed on the Metro, saves a lot of money there.

Chris Galindo

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Feb 22, 2015
I'd say the Grove is nice if you're visiting Beverly Hills but that's about it. The Red Line is a huge benefit and located right outside Uni Studios, I always take it when I go alone or with a friend. Walk of Fame is nice, but nothing fancy, you'll probably be plummeted by ripoff costumed characters on Hollywood/ Highland anyways. Definitely do Universal on a Sunday IF you plan on arriving at park opening. 
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Apr 8, 2013
Hill Valley California
With Universal being a working studio here's a few tips based on that fact.

If you go on a weekend you'll get to see more sets on the studio tour as little to no filming is being done. so if you want to see a famous set from your favorite movie (say courthouse square) then it should be open for the Trams to drive through. Weekdays is when they'll be filming sometimes the tram has to take a long winding detour around the filming area and guests are asked to stay quite during this time just in case the mic from the filming pick up any unwanted noise.

be aware that the park does close early on weekdays (6:00 pm or even 5:00 pm). You'd be surprised at how many guests plan on going later in the day and realize they only have 3 hours left


Apr 19, 2015
Great tips guys, thanks! I guess we'll go the USH on sunday and use saturday and monday for Disneyland