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Ask a Universal Team Member


Apr 8, 2013
Hill Valley California
ya, message me. dont want to post my dept (even though i hinted it)

also, lets have all the fellow team members answer questions here too!

also universal's unoffical slogan "we get ya wet!"

I will be working at the time of the meetup but i might see you guys if you are there on my lunch
I was lucky enough to get the day-off. I'm surprised that I was able to get a weekend off 3 times in a row.

yeah, that pretty much sums up the parks rides and attractions. I usually tell guests that your guaranteed to get wet. SES and AA are the only attractions where you don't get wet. don't know if you want to add in the Universal Experience to the list of dry attractions too.


Jul 4, 2013
A few questions I still have :)
What have been your favorite guest moments that you have witnessed or helped in? What about the worst guest moments you've experienced or seen?

Always helping a lost kid find his parents. Seeing a family reunited after a situation brings warmth to my heart.

Does working at the park take away "the magic" of the park for you? Do you get worried that working there will make you tired of the park as a fan? Has working there changed your view of the park compared to when you were just "a fan"? 

Yes, working here has but its only because of the management. Thats all i will say about that. lol

IDK if you can answer, but does the USH management feel pressure to expand to compete more with Disneyland Resort, just as USO is competing more with WDW now?

I think they are more focused on making profit, so probably so lol