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Auditioning as a cartoon character/mascot


May 2, 2015
Hello everyone. I noticed that Universal Studios Hollywood is auditioning for cartoon characters and luckily, i fit into the 4'5"-5'2" category. I would like to know what to expect during the audition process since this is the first time I'd be doing anything like this. I've always wanted to be a costume character, but I'm worried that they'll make me do something like a complicated dance choreography (I don't have too much experience with dance choreographies). I can definitely see myself as being something like a minion! :) Preferably, the type of characters visitors take pictures with. I'm not really sure what to expect and should i let the possibility of choreographed dancing discourage me? Thank you! :)

Allen The Actor

Allen The Actor
Jan 10, 2013
Hill Valley, California
Hi there! I haven't done it personally, but I know what it's usually like for costumed characters. They sometimes do have you do some little improv exercises or little bit of movement or light fun dancing, nothing too complicated. Don't let it discourage you, they just basically wanna see you be jolly and most importantly have some fun! The Universal auditions website should give you some more specifics on the audition! Break a leg, and have fun!
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