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Being chosen as a volunteer for the Special Effects Show


May 13, 2017
Just curious, how is one chosen as an audience volunteer for the special effects show? I've seen YouTube videos showing people (and families) being chosen for the show. How do they pick the volunteers? I haven't been to Universal Hollywood in over 10 years and have family coming from out of the country and wanna take them there. Thanks!!

Tyler Crouch

Inside Universal Editor
Feb 17, 2014
Glendale, CA.
Before the show begins the hosts come out to speak to everyone waiting in line. They mention the age, build, and gender they are looking for and if you are eligible you can raise your hand. Then you just hope they choose you! You can try to get in line earlier to be closer to the host's podium.
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Jun 17, 2013
They start "casting" about 30 minutes before showtime. Make sure you are in line and close to the riser in front of the theater. Talk to the employees and tell them you really want to volunteer. You will see the two hosts come out and start looking at the crowd - approach them. At that point they are looking for a couple for the astronaut sequence who fits a specific type, but they will also look for a family. Be courteous and enthusiastic. Go to the first or the last show for the best chance.
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