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Being Mindful When Creating New Threads


Staff member
Sep 22, 2011
As the title suggests, this is to remind everyone to *PLEASE* check if a thread exists for the topic you want to talk about before creating a new one. I’m not calling anyone out, but you know who you see if you’ve done this recently. This is the type of stuff that causes unnecessary extra work for us Moderators. I don’t mind doing it, but it happening so frequently is starting to piss me off because it shows you guys aren’t even trying.

I’ve had to merge three threads just in the past few days because of you guys not taking 10 seconds to use the search function on the forums. Some that I’ve had to merge had posts in an already established thread just over 24 hours prior. This is a large problem in the Movies/Entertainment section of the forum. There’s no need to have to be first when a new trailer drops for a movie. I’ll say it again - Please search to make sure one doesn’t already exist before creating a new thread.

If this gets to be a continued problem with any member, warnings or even bans if the behavior continues are possible.