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Bringing Food into Universal Parks

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Feb 26, 2024
I was looking for some information.

My family will be going to Universal for the first time in April, after a number of trips to Disney over the years. We are used to packing sandwiches and bringing them into the park as a way to save money. Universal's outside food policy seems to be a little more specific then Disney's. Does anyone have experience with this? Will I be able to pack a simple PB&J and bring it into the park?

Thank you for any help you all can offer.
I've always put two mini (or regular) cliff bars in my sling-bag along with an empty sports bottle when going to the parks (Universal or Disney)..

Sure it's not the same as trying to take sandwiches. But I haven't had issues with that sort of thing.

I'd say Universal might not allow canned/bottle drinks, since they'd want you to buy drinks in the park
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Haven't been since May, but we take sandwiches and trail mix all the time. Usually get drinks at a place like Moe's, Hog's Head, or Backwater, and sit outside.
I just went to the Orlando for a few days a couple weeks ago.

One day, I had a little 8oz can of sprite with me that they wouldn't allow in. But then the next day, I walked right in with a Starbucks coffee and breakfast sandwich from the hotel. I think the only drinks they officially allow in are one unopened 20oz water bottle per person, milk and stuff for babies, and then anything medical- or perhaps religion-related.

Foodwise I've had slimjims, fruit gummies, halloween sized skittles, etc and have never had a problem with them. Even back when they'd individually search each bag. I saw people with backpack coolers on this past trip. Saw someone with a full checked-baggage size suitcase walking around (could have been an approved vendor or something but not dressed like an employee). I saw someone sitting down at the Jurassic Pizza place eating Chik-fil-a with the bag just sitting there and a large soda in their cup. Might have been a back of house employee as they were just wearing jeans and a T-shirt. But my nephew got excited and asked if there was Chick-fil-A there.

Since they just run your bags through an X-Ray machine, I'd have to assume a few sandwiches in baggies wouldn't even register with them. If you have a cooler, with ice packs and then the sandwiches...maybe they'd have an issue? If you have young children with you, I think that might give you a little more leeway.

Also, if you are staying on site and coming in through the side or boat security, they seem to be much more lenient than the main/parking garage entrance. It was cold and we all had jackets and/or hoodies on and they didn't ask a single person to take them off and run them through the X-Ray machine unless they set off the metal detector. I could have had 6 sandwhiches stuck in my hoodie pocket.
Open and Closed drinks are always super hit and miss. Its worse during HHN but I just always assume I'm not getting thru with anything other than an empty bottle.