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^they've done this merchandise type thing for employees a few times now... I think its heavily discounted merchandise or something. I'll have to ask my friend, but yea.. nothing to get too excited over. Besides, they sell Hello Kitty merch (among other things) in that one novelty store next to the mini donut shop.
^ Really random stuff that's not worth fussing over with. I don't think many of us would find something valuable at that store.
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Anyone else hear about this?...

Screamscape is reporting:

"The Minions will be taking over Citywalk July 9th (today) & July 10th from 7-10pm, just in time for the launch of the new movie, "Minions". Look for them at the "5 Towers" hosting a dance party with Minion themed giveaways. Advanced screenings of the new film kick off Thursday night (today) at 6pm at the AMC Theatre"
Yea.. I figured I'd head up there a little later to give it a look... I was curious anyway to see if they set up anything for Minions in the 5 Towers plaza like they did with Furious 7 & Jurassic World... If there is anything exciting happening tonight, I'll be sure to get a few pics...
Alright so I checked out the "Minion Takeover" last night at Citywalk... it wasn't anything majorly exciting. Basically a DJ playing music (some not-so-family friendly... because well.. its Hollywood..). They had a minion dancing with the crowd & then doing photo-ops every so often. They also had prize giveaways, but it was the stupid social media type of crap.. "be the first to share said photo on Instagram with said hashtags & win said prize". <_<  They also played the Minions trailer & DM: Minion Mayhem ad a few times on the giant 5 Towers screen too.

Anyway, here are a few pics from last night





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It pretty much is the main reason for the expansion. I would kinda like to see the generic touristy non-park Hollywood/california merchandise removed from the Universal store. They already sell that kind of stuff in the one tourist store further down..

Anyone else tired of seeing Despicable Me being the focal point of the Universal store in Citywalk? (let alone the lower lot unnecessary character store that used to be for Mummy).. I know its popular & Minions just came out last month, I enjoy DM 1 & 2 as well as the ride, but it needs to be taken down a notch. The park has more to offer than just Minion Mania... errr Mayhem..
So does that mean if someone were to purchase a shirt or hat at the Dodgers store just down the walkway they would be turned away if they put them on? That does seem a bit excessive, although I do get the reason for the baggy clothes portion.