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Coronado Springs - Gran Destino Tower

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Hearing that Coronado Springs is receiving a new tower addition. Probably DVC?
This has been a rumor for awhile.... it's unclear exactly what the project is, but apparently if it is DVC it won't be dumbed down to moderate standards (they can't actually with the standards that DVC is legally required to meet).

I have to think they are wanting to add this there since it is fairly close to DAK and there's only one other DVC in close proximity to the park.
Coronado Springs is one of my absolute favorite on-site resorts. The rooms are awesome!
CS is the best appointed "Moderate" because it caters more to the conventioneers. They have dance bar and full service restaurant. That makes it uniquely suited among the "Moderates" for a DVC expansion.
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Been a rumor since sight balloons were spotted there a few months back, seems like we finally have confirmation, thanks NJ.

I quite like the resort and I really used to like the pepper market, but like most things Disney it ain't as good as it used to be.
Welp, that's official:
More Guest Experiences and Dining Options Coming to Disney’s Coronado Springs and Caribbean Beach Resorts | Disney Parks Blog


Today, we are thrilled to share with you that changes are on the horizon at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort over the next two years and let me tell you, there is a lot to be excited about!

The expansion at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort will include a new 15-story tower that will add 500 rooms, featuring suites and concierge level services. The resort will also refurbish its current resort rooms and transform its landscape with floating gardens and an island oasis that connects the resort through a series of bridges.

The new tower overlooking Lago Dorado, the resort’s centerpiece lake, will allow guests to experience something truly unique, rooftop dining with panoramic views of popular nighttime fireworks from nearby Disney theme parks.[\quote]
I think this is more about adding more rooms for the convention business. There's a lot of money in that for Disney.

Having worked for a software company and being involved with user group/convention planning I can tell you Orlando is always a popular destination for planning those things. The more popular the destination, the more attendees you get, the lower your costs are for holding it. That's why Vegas and Orlando are the usual choices since people want to go and often bring their families.
Yep. Just like Universal just did with Sapphire Falls & the addition to the RP convention center. Big money involved with conventions and business expense accounts.
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YES! The more Coronado, the better. I wonder what the refurbed rooms will look like. This is what they look like currently:

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According to a Coronado Springs Facebook group, this tower will be classified as a "Business Deluxe". Here's the full post:

"A 15 story business deluxe tower with 583 rooms to be constructed. Includes concierge level, Presidential and VIP suites, 60% of the rooms fireworks view of DHS, an island in the middle of Lago Dorado with a bar/restaurant and a series of bridges. A glass roof top restaurant too. The old lobby will become a seating area. The new lobby will be in the tower."

They're really going all-in on this being arguably WDW's most luxurious convention hotel from the sound of it all.

Also, rumors are they want to close The Contemporary convention space eventually once the space at Yacht Club is expanded and the work at Coronado is done. Reason being? 1.) More DVC 2.) It moves the adults that want to spend money in areas where they will spend it. With Yacht Club being right near the Boardwalk, there's plenty of bars and nightlife that is nowhere to be found near the Contemporary and Epcot (WS to be exact) is close, a park that aligns far more with the clientele of your average conventioneer.
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It will be as tall as the Contemporary. There should be a view of all the fireworks on property...
Well yes, but the DHS fireworks will be the ones they will market around. The distance between CS and DHS is the equivalent to watching MK from the Polynesian shore. Sure you'll be able to make out other fireworks, but none will be as plainly visible as DHS. I expect they may pump in the music to the fireworks up there like at the rooftop lounge of BLT.
I understand the value that CS has to Disney, but it makes you wonder if the long-term plan for their resorts is simply to improve on what they already have and not build something new from the ground up. It's hard to tell, but just an observation.
I understand the value that CS has to Disney, but it makes you wonder if the long-term plan for their resorts is simply to improve on what they already have and not build something new from the ground up. It's hard to tell, but just an observation.
There are plans for new hotels before WDW's 50th anniversary in 2021.
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My wife and kids just spent a long weekend here and loved it! From the restaurants to the pool and the surrey bikes, they had a great time. My wife commented that the room looked to be freshly refurbished. Do we know if they are freshening up the entire resort?