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Costco Annual Gold Pass vs Annual Gold Pass from Universal


Feb 1, 2017
So I'm looking at getting a Gold Annual Pass, and I saw that through Costco I can purchase a Gold Annual Pass for $200, rather than $289. However, through everything online, I'm unable to confirm it is the exact same as the Gold Annual Pass I would purchase straight from Universal. One of the perks of the Gold Pass is discounted tickets for friends and family, but this perk is not listed on Costco's page.

Can anyone tell me if this is actually the same pass? And more specifically, that if I purchase through Costco, I'll be able to get discounted tickets for friends and family?


(Sidenote: Costco membership is $55, so if it is the same pass, you could purchase membership and the pass and it would only be $255, still cheaper than the $289 Universal is advertising.)


Dec 16, 2016
I don't know about the FF discount, but another perk of tickets bought online through Universal's site is early admission. You do not get that with any Costco tickets (or any tickets not purchased directly on universal's website). That was a deciding factor when my family bought our passes, although not the ones you're talking about so I don't have more info on that front.
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Jan 11, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
I have another question about the Costco Gold Annual Pass and figured I'd ask it here rather than start another thread.

One of my friends bought Costco Gold APs for her family. When she went to register them online, she has to enter the name, DOB, email address for each pass (easy enough) as well as the date of first visit. Her kids are young adults, so she wants to give them their passes but doesn't know when they'll make their first visit--in other words, her kids' first visits will be on a different day from mom's first visit. Is the first visit date strictly enforced? Or can they go any date AFTER the first visit date? 

Thanks for any insight and advice!
I THINK what happens is you have to pick your 'date of first visit' on each pass to complete the process. IF someone cannot get to the park that day, you can come after that date, however the 12 months begins on the original date indicated during the registration.

I'm not 100% on this though, I'm hoping a more informed member can verify and correct where I might have gone wrong. Or if you call USH and speak with Guest relations, they may be able to clarify.

Best of luck with that!
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