Could someone please do a review of the Terra Cruentus year (2005)? | Inside Universal Forums
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Could someone please do a review of the Terra Cruentus year (2005)?


Aug 12, 2021
It’s really weird that for a year that has one of the more revered detailed backstories in HHN (revered by die hards); no one really knows anything about the event itself. The only things known was that Body Collectors ruled and that Cold Blind Terror was horrible for the wrong reasons.

This was the lineup for that year; here in case to freshen up someone’s mind (it did take place years ago):

  • Port of Entry- Terra Guard Run (Basically the entryway)
  • Seuss Landing- North Hollow (Entrance to Maldaken Pass)
  • Maldaken Pass (Festival passageway to USF with games)
  • Lost Continent- Fire Pits (Middle Earth gone wrong)
  • Jurassic Park- Cemetery Mines (people who attended 30 will remember the Knucklegrunts)
  • Toon Lagoon- South Hollow (Dementors)
  • Marvel Superhero Island- Blood Thunder Alley (Evil Bikers)
  • Where Evil Hides (childhood fears like Boogeyman)
  • Cold Blind Terror (mentioned above)
  • Blood Ruins (medieval torture village)
  • Terror Mines (Gnomerat infested Poseidon’s Fury)
  • Body Collectors (remember Buffy’s Hush episode)
  • The Skool (evil schoolchildren)
  • Demon Cantina (From Dusk till Dawn)
  • Rat Run (Chainlink maze with Jack)
Anything will be great, and thanks.