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Dark Universe (Epic Universe)

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It seems to be lightly inspired by some of the villages seen in the classic Universal Monsters movies (particularly the ones featuring the Frankenstein Monster), which were set in a nebulous Bavarian/Swiss/Alpine sort of region. They were filmed on the same series of European street sets on the Universal backlot in Hollywood.

The specific town in this land is apparently supposed to be in the U.K., though.
Thanks, yeah I was just finding it difficult to pinpoint the inspiration. Nonetheless it still looks well done.
Said it way earlier in this or another Epic thread, but legitimately if the Invisible Man gets a Potter Wand-style GAT vignette in the land somewhere, that's all my SO and I would need to be satisfied with Dark Universe as Invisible Man fanatics. It's disappointed for him not to be in the big E-Ticket or a Meet N Greet or anything, but even an effect like the Oscar the Grouch Trash Can at Seaworld where you can knock on the top and hear him shouting back at you to stop doing that would go a long, long way for us. They should also make sure it's the Claude Rains voice like they leaned into with UCM: Unmasked last year!

They Yassified the monsters
One thing I am obsessed with about the classic monster movies are the way the outfits are designed. They are historically referencing specific periods while also feeding trends of the time.. these just feel of THIS time. I wanted more ‘camp’ and elevation. Where is Dracula’s ruffle, or if you do a bat wing design elongate them, dramatize them. Add a huge pendant… I just hope they don’t steer too heavy into the ‘new’ without a bit more homage to the original designs and films. Just in small accessories or accent details would make an ENORMOUS difference.

There she is...
It would be SO fun to see her as a meet and greet character

I debated if I should even bother to post, at the risk of raining on everybody's parade. But I can't stress enough how much I hate the design of the Monsters.

I am incredibly bummed.
I don’t despise them.. but I did want more for sure. Give me CAMP. Give me HISTORY.

I propose a theory!

Hear me out, more family friendly in the day, more horrifying at night. In the daytime villagers roam, a monster here and there.. and then at a certain time advertised time (as to warn parents with littles, although plenty come to HHN) the ‘creatures’ roam more fearsome. A living scarezone, or just more spooky encounters, now villagers are more sparse as they board up their windows for what now roams
I think I’m anticipating this land the most. Am I correct in assuming that the rumours suggest this lands dark ride will be using the forbidden journey ride system? But with less screens and more physical set pieces. If so I’m sure it’ll be an absolute blast.