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May 30, 2013
Orlando, FL
They should incorporate this into their VR park, it is amazing!


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Feb 25, 2014
So Defunctland has been on a nice roll with their episodes lately, and yesterday they released something I think I a lot of folks were looking forward to for quite some time!

For me, this is one of their best episodes. I've never seen such a in-depth look at Walt's idea for EPCOT, and it's nicely balanced too since it's utterly ambitious-yet-absolutely insane at the same time. Beforehand I thought I had a good idea what Epcot was supposed to be, but this floored me on what Walt actually had in mind for this project.

It's another unique piece to the baffling puzzle that is Epcot.
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Jan 22, 2020
"Things like this don't happen to the Dillons" and "Everybody wants to ride the triangle" are going into the pantheon of Defunctland quotes. Up there with "homosexual fast dancing"


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Feb 25, 2014
Defunctland does it again! They've really shaped up to be one of my favorite theme park docu-series, for the level of work, commitment and storytelling they put into their eps are really admirable. A subject like this could be boring as all heck in the wrong hands, but they make it very informative and entertaining.
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Sep 4, 2018
This is a fabulous video! As a numbers nerd, I loved the simulations they did and the breakdown/analysis of those simulations.

To me the most salient point on FP+ is at the 1:11 mark after they analyze the data in their simulations. I've made the very same arguments many times in the past on a Disney centric board I visit as to why FP+ was a bad system overall. Their simulations overwhelmingly support the argument. Below is a key qoute on my general feelilngs of FP+. The first bold section is almost verbatim the response I would always get on Disney based board when I made the argument. The second bolded part is precisely why I've felt it needed to be changed significantly, because it benefitted too few people disproportionately.

But in practice, from a guest perspective, the system benefits those that use the system and know how to use it well, while those that don't use it or don't know how to use it well have it much worse than they did before.....If you were here (very small % of guests on the right side of the graph), booking 60 days in advance, and then riding 8 or more attractions per day, I imagine that you enjoyed FastPass+. If you were here (very large % of guests on the left side of the graph), not using the system, facing astronomical standy wait times and thus only experiencing between 0 and 2 attraction per day, you probably didn't like FP+

Those using FP+ to their advantage believed it was those people's fault for not doing their research and using the system that was available to everyone, despite that system
requiring a certain amount of time, energy, technological literacy, English proficiency, and money for on-site hotels.
But even if you benefited and loved FP, the truth is that it only worked so well for these (small number) of people, becasue it worked so poorly for the other (large amount) of people
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