Disneyland Paris

Feb 23, 2018
United Kingdom
Make sure the check out the Alice in Wonderland maze and Adventure Island. The CS food at DLP, in my experience, is not good, so I might splurge to eat at a sit down.
To add to this I recommend:

Silver Spur Steakhouse - Great food
Captain Jacks - Great atmosphere overlooking Pirates ride
Agrabah Cafe - Good quality buffet


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Sep 22, 2011
Just to update, Martin clarified that he was indeed talking about Disneyland Park and not WDSP when talking about Runaway Railway.
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Aug 30, 2015
Universal City, California
Star Tours Disneyland Paris

Star Tours at Disneyland Paris - Short Video

Prepare for even more intergalactic excitement with Star Tours The Adventures Continue* in Discoveryland. Rebels of all ages will board a Starspeeder 1000 and take off on a thrilling 3D voyage to stunning star systems and war-torn worlds, from Jakku and Hoth to Tatooine and even the dreaded Death Star.