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right, I think the queue construction is behind schedule and that’s why they’re doing this. I’m also fairly confident that there will be plenty of virtual queue slots for people who want them.

Meanwhile, Disney's giggling to itself and going, "Actually, just wait. We're going to find a way to make this as needlessly complicated and frustrating as possible for everyone."
Wait this is going to be LL? I thought it was just VQ which is free?
Oh, it's going to be virtual queue, but I would absolutely not be shocked to see Lightning Lane during that period as well (just for testing, of course). They've done it during every other virtual queue since paid skip was implemented so there's absolutely no reason why they wouldn't, other than this being an "old" attraction.

We can have a friendly wager on it because I would love to be wrong.
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It’s even more ridiculous with the r prices they charge. Y’all can’t even properly plan a queue redo?

I'm already seeing the usual suspects try to defend it. "Well, you know, when you work on the infrastructure of a ride this old..." Some stuff isn't always foreseeable, but come on. You're supposed to be the best in the business. Assess. Plan. Give yourself extra time for unexpected obstacles and weather delays.
Haunted Mansion runs 16 hours a day and has for decades. Now, I'm sure they do maintenance at times, but there's no way it's anywhere near the level they do for others parts of the park (e.g. Rise of the Resistance, which closes early). I would be shocked if they did any refurbishing at all when they switch it to Haunted Mansion Holiday.

The "it's old" argument does not hold water in even the vaguest sense of the word.
Well happy it won't have a way to pay to skip others

Guess I need to make reservations the weekends before Halloween time starts then to make sure I get on it opening weekend
When I rode the PeopleMover in 1976 it was pretty rough... especially the part over by the monorail station. I thought it was going to jump the track. Wan't a smooth ride at all
Went Sunday didn't check crowds after I left but think the heat pushed many APs to leave early or not show up

Cars was at 65 mins an hour after opening...which is low for that ride. Got to meet Anger which was cool and many other meet and greet characters had short waits

heard others leaving saying they could only make it 3 hours like me because of the hear (I was also leaving because I was going to six flags later)
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The Ghost....I get it the

The Rope....come on OMG Disney show me the receipts that people are complaining about that

Freshbaked also has rumors the Bride could be getting updated which would be great she feels very old when just feet away the Hatbox Ghost stands looking amazing
There's been rumors of the hanging man leaving for years. But we won't know that till 2025, cuz he doesn't appear in Haunted Mansion Holiday