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Epcot Forever

Sep 12, 2019
ONE YEAR, I'm asking people to not bring those noise makers for JUST ONE YEAR
people didn’t bring them Disney was handing them out. They were going off like crazy at the start of distribution around 4...then stopped and picked back up again.

it was busy but a great time.

got to watch Epcot Forever a second and third time. It’s growing on me, mostly because of nostalgia. Really hoping they knock it out of the park with HarmoniUS. If you are going to take out a show like Illuminations the replacement better be great.


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Dec 13, 2009
The new version of the show feels a lot better than 1.0 IMO...More pyro, better use of pyro, and the kites weren't really that necessary


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Sep 22, 2011
Harmonious already had a lot to live up to going after IllumiNations, but I think this new version of the show definitely makes the show have even more pressure with the Epcot purist audience (which is admittedly an older audience). I saw the new version of the show tonight and I was pretty impressed overall. It's mostly a pure fireworks show now set to classic Epcot music, no real frills (kites, etc), but there being more pyro now definitely makes it a better overall show and honestly I enjoy it overall.

From what I can tell, Disney is catering more to the young millennials/Gen Z audience, which doesn't care about Epcot's history nearly as much as the Boomers/Gen Xers that grew up with the EPCOT Center that everyone loves to reminisce about. I know a lot of friends around my age and a lot of Gen Zers only care about seeing characters at the parks. The only reason most enjoy Epcot is for drinking around the world.

I know this isn't what most of you want to hear, but Disney simply has no interest in catering to the small group of people who care about Epcot's past. They want to put IP in their parks which lets be honest, is going to make guest satisfaction higher than it currently is.
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